Spring Break in Mexico, As Told by a Few Bridesmaids

Despite the chilling temperatures outside—soon enough you’ll be boarding that flight to Mexico for a week long bender you’ll love to never remember. You’re trading your cable knits for a g-string, coffee for tequila and windburn for (let’s be honest) a ~wicked~ sunburn.

*Cue the thoughts of starving yourself for the next two weeks*

We know—how have the holiday lbs not magically disappeared? Weren’t we just gorging ourselves on turkey, ham and stuffing? If you forgot to mix in a salad (and a water)—you’re not alone.

Spring break szn has us all feeling some type of way, and we couldn’t express it better than Melissa McCarthy and the cast of Bridesmaids.   

When you were fending off the sunday scaries with a quarter pounder, fries & then a late night trip to Dominos—you thought:

When you started trying on those cute summer clothes you got on sale from Tobi—and you’re feeling like the stuffed sausage on your Flour & Salt bagels every Friday, Saturday & Sunday:

When you start your night timidly—to avoid the cals:

And end your night having consumed a full pizza pie and mozz sticks—not to mention…

You did a three day juice cleanse leading up to the flight—and now you’re feeling like Mrs. Iglesias:

The squaaad has arrived in Mexico:

You change into your bikini only to realize:

But whatever—bring on the tequila!

& the horrible decisions!


A flight back to America, please.