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How to Stay Connected With Friends Over Winter Break

In just a few days, Colgate students will say their final goodbye to the in-person instruction of the fall semester and return to virtual learning for the holidays. As students anticipate the two-month-long break from campus, it is important to keep friends in mind. Here are a few creative, tech-savvy ways to stay in touch over the holidays. 

  1. Schedule calls with friends. There are many accessible, free video chat apps and web pages, from Skype and Zoom to WhatsApp and Houseparty. Various web platforms are a fun way to stay connected face to face and catch up from home. Try to stay creative– recipe exchanges to group Kahoot games through screen-sharing features can be a lot of fun!

  2. Host a Netflix Party. Simply log into your Netflix account, pick a movie or show that you would like to watch, and let the platform sync your computer screens together. Netflix Party features a texting chat function, which allows you to talk about the film in real-time. All you need to do to download Netflix Party is install the free extension to your browser. 

  3. Start a virtual book club with a group of friends. Begin by selecting the same book and then discuss it through a web platform or video chat app. You can find books through GoodReads or Whichbook, among other popular book-recommending sites. 

  4. Exercise with a friend. A host of machines and devices enable you to connect and compete against friends across the country, from FitBits and Apple Watches to popular apps like Nike Run Club and PumpUp. If you cannot connect through an app, try calling one another alongside free YouTube workout videos. 

  5. Play online games. The internet offers a host of digital games, from Words with Friends to Apple’s iMessage games. “Among Us!” is one popular game to play with friends, available on the App Store.

  6. Connect with friends through music. If you enjoy listening to music with one another, try creating a shared playlist with your favorite songs. Now, you can listen to each other’s music at any time or place. You can also stream virtual concerts together. Not super interested in music? Try recommending podcasts to one another!

My name is Sarah. I am a sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in Film and Media Studies.
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