Hashim Rainey'15

Name: Hashim Osaze Rainey (pronounced Ha-Sheem)

Hometown: ATL, GA Class Year: 2015

Major/Minor: Philosophy. Photography and Philosophy is my life.

What do you do on campus: Co-president of photo club, co-founder of philosophy club, photography intern, and various libraries jobs like Media mentor.

Three People You Admire: A$AP Rocky, Jesus, and Lena Horne

Fun Fact: I had never seen Colgate's campus before I accepted to be a student at Colgate. I had strong intuition that this was the school for me. I was right.

Guilty Pleasure: Bacon

Celeb Crush: Rihanna Favorite Movie: (right now)

Forrest Gump Favorite Song: Peso by A$AP Rocky

Favorite Quote: "The more real you get, the more unreal the world gets" - John Lennon to Muhammad Ali