Halloween Candy that Matches Your Personality

It’s almost Halloween and you know what that means… CANDY!  There’s sweet candy, sour candy, smooth candy, sticky candy, hard candy, and more!  Each candy has a different set of characteristics just like we do.  Keep reading to find out which candy matches YOUR personality best!

Sour Patch Kids

You’re the life of the party.  Bold, energetic, and daring, you are never afraid to take risks and live on the wild side.  Because of this, you don’t always make the best decisions, but you always fix it in the end.  You look sweet and cute at first glance, but once people get to know you they’ll find that you pack a punch.

Hershey's Chocolate Bar

Chocolate goes well with everything, just like you get along with everyone.  You’re dependable like this classic milk chocolate treat.  You’re also very easy going and can adapt to and make the best of any situation, just like a Hershey’s bar can taste good cold, melted, or just as is.  You do well in group situations with others like a Hershey’s bar tastes good in a s’more, but you can also thrive on your own like a Hershey’s bar tastes good as is. 

Yogurt Covered Raisins 

You’re kind of a health freak. You eat salad at every meal and wake up early in the morning to workout.  You enjoy hiking, biking, running, swimming… basically any kind of fitness.  You are very driven and motivated; you get stuff done. But this Halloween, try to let loose and have a little fun!


Just like skittles are multicolored, you are multifaceted.  You can paint, draw, sing, and probably play an instrument too.  You even play a pickup game of soccer or basketball every once in awhile.  You bring excitement and energy to any situation you find yourself in, and a little bit of craziness too.  It seems like you’re on a sugar rush all the time, not just when you eat candy!

Dum Dum lollipops

You’re a kid at heart.  You’re optimistic, fun, and are always looking for the good in others.  You like a good adventure, and are brave enough to eat the Mystery Dum Dum.  You like spending time with your family and friends, and put always put them and their feelings before your own. You’ve been looking forward to Halloween all year, and are definitely going to have a great costume to show it!

Caramel Chews

You’re the mom of the group.  Everyone goes to you for advice because no matter what situation you’re in, you remain calm, cool, and collected.  You always have snacks, tissues, and Purell in your bag; you’re prepared for anything.  You are responsible and are always making sure your friends are staying safe and making good choices.  You probably skip the trick-or-treating and will be found sipping wine and handing out candy on Halloween night.

Almond Joy

You’re very unique, and you aren’t afraid of straying from the norm.  Not many people would say Almond Joy is their favorite candy, but you wouldn’t be afraid to.  You are independent and confident; eating in Frank Dining Hall alone does not scare you.  While others dress up as cats, angels, and devils, you can be found dressed up as a ketchup bottle or a giant pumpkin.