Got a Senior Bucket List? Take a Look at Ours

In fear of getting all misty-eyed—we decided it was time to post the ultimate bucket list for you Colgate seniors. As our time to enter the real world is drawing near, we must combat those adulthood woes with collegiate tomfoolery. 

Grab and pen and a pad—and take note of your favorites!

1.  The Hourglass 50 Shot Challenge

It'll be the most expensive t-shirt you'll ever purchase—but earning the title of "Big Shot" is as sweet as it gets!

2.  Wine Slushies at Ye Old Pizza Pub

Pizza, wine and Disney movies on replay—it's like the adult version of Chuck E. Cheese's minus the sweaty feet smell. Need we say more?

3.  A Bottle of Wine & Main Moon Takeout on Hammy Hill @ Sunset

We don't know which is more beautiful—the dumplings or the ~lit~ sky!

4.  A Night Out at Turning Stone Casino & Resort

G.N.O!! Go blow the dough you don't have and make it a jackpot of a night!

5.  An All Nighter Culminating in a Sunset Viewing with the Closest of Pals

Cue the cheese. These will be the best heart to hearts you'll remember foreva!

6.  A Final Meal at Frank

You'll never again be graced with such an appetizing buffet of Lucky Charms, omelettes and all you can eat french fries!

7.  A Bar Crawl—Featuring a Throwback to Nichols

Cheers to you Nichols—gone but never forgotten.

8.  Eat & Drink at Donovan's Pub—Colgate's Only On-Campus Bar

We hear the mozz sticks are to die for.

9.  Eat a Jug Dog

And pics or it didn't happen.

10.  Forget Your Worries & Embrace Every Single Moment

TBH, the real world can wait a little longer.