The Final Grind

We’ve come to the last stretch of the semester with only one week left of classes before final exams begin.  After our crazy SPW last weekend, you may have developed a cold (the weather doesn’t help) or just an overall disinterest to be at school any longer.  The forecast predicts a chance of snow and rain for the next week and still the last thing you want to do is spend hours in Case studying.  While you have to get your work done, there are other important things you need to do to get you through the next two weeks.  Here are my tips for a stress free end of the semester. 

Organize Early.
  This last week of classes for some people means finishing up projects and papers that are due (I’m sorry), but for everyone else it’s time to start organizing…especially those who have skipped half their classes, don’t take notes, or never bought some of their textbooks.  Take an hour or two to find all of your tests,notes, and handouts from the semester and then organize them by chapter or section.  If you have extra time, start to make notecards or a study guide.  This way when you want to start studying you’ll already haveeverything ready to go.
Group Study Sesh: Studying with a group of people from your class can be productive despite what many believe.  The material almost becomes fun (almost) when you’re discussing it with others.  Also, a group study session is the perfect time to teach others, which in turn will help you as well.  However, sometimes a study group can be overwhelming when you haven’t studied yet on your own so make sure to take some time before to do so.

Eat, hydrate, sleep.  During exam week, it’s hard to fit in the time for good meals but try to at least eat healthily and NEVER skip meals.  If you don’t eat a good meal you will probably end up snacking late night on cookies and croissants at the café, which can be avoided if you think ahead.  If you know you’re going to be in the library all night, pack an apple, yogurt, or almonds for a snack soyou’ll be energized for studying.  While you may want to overdose on caffeine, try to drink more water because you really don’t need the energy from coffee if you’re eating and drinking right.  As for sleep, so many people pull all-nighters and go crazy over 5 hour Energy or Adderall during the last two weeks of school.  I don’t really understand why though, since scientific studies say sleep is more important and all-nighters are counterproductive.  If you haven’t slept enough (you need 7-8 hours), you’re not even going to remember what you were studying at 3 a.m during the exam the next day anyway so be sure to make time for some ZzZz.    
Exercise.  Exercise produces endorphins and endorphins make you happy…but they also eliminate stress.  The
Trudy Fitness Center
offers so many great classes like spinning, zumba, and yoga.  Don’t be the one though tostudy on the elliptical…the gym is the one place you don’t need your phone.  And if you don’t have a full hour to go to the gym, at least run to town or go for a walk to get some fresh air. 
Take a break.  Have fun.  While I don’t suggest going out the night before your Chem exam you still need to make time to be social.  Take an hour or two to get dinner with friends or watch a movie.  If you happen to have a few nights in between exams, go out for a little at least.  Why not take advantage of it?  You never know, by the end of the summer you may find yourself missing downtown Hamilton.