The Fall Four

Colgate students are used to the cold. They bundle up with layers of sweaters and jackets, in constant preparation of an obscene amount of snowfall and frigid temperatures. For most months of the year the skies are grey and there is a bleak mood consuming the air. For these reasons, among others, students at Colgate immensely look forward to the fall season upstate. The leaves change to vibrant hues and there is a realization that upstate New York has a lot more to offer than what many people might think.

While four may not seem to be enough, here are four reasons why we believe Colgate students should be looking forward to the fall season (as if they aren’t already)…


There is seriously nothing more satisfying then throwing on something big and comfy when the weather is in that weird in-between stage of blisteringly hot and unfortunately cold. As the laundry has been piling up for a while and there are simply no more t-shirts, tank tops  or long sleeve shirts left to throw on, there is a quaint satisfaction when you open your closet and choose the biggest sweatshirt you can find to throw on. Being comfy and looking cute is truly only possible during the fall when the weather suits everyone’s style and you do not need to totally bundle up quite yet.

2. You no longer need to make up an excuse to wear leggings every day.

Okay, so the weather is in that weird stage when you put skinny jeans on in the morning, but by the end of the day you are profusely sweating. Then if you choose to put shorts on you are absolutely frozen in the morning when your windows are still a little icy. The only solution is leggings…every day. The light weight ones that provide you with both enough warmth to be comfortable during the chilly morning hours and breezy enough to not cause you to experience a near death heat flash in the afternoon hours.

3. Fall foliage

Everyone features positively beautiful Instagram photos and videos over the summer, when sunsets are blazing, flowers are blooming and people’s skin is perfectly sun kissed. Upon returning to school in September, there may be some worry about how to keep your Instagram aesthetically pleasing. We can thank our lucky stars that the fall foliage at Colgate is beyond compare and can provide anyone with a bright and beautiful photograph to feature on their social media. The leaves change, oranges and reds fill every landscape and our Instagram posts are saved again.

4. Apple picking and even more, apple cider donuts

There are countless orchards in upstate New York that have apples that are so plentiful and ripe it will send anyone into a fruit feeding frenzy. There are several excellent reasons to take a trip to the nearest orchard with your friends (ie. see number 3 on this list and post cute apple picking pictures), but if you are not a fruit fanatic you need not worry because there are always apple cider donuts and hot apple cider at these orchards that will send your taste buds over the moon.