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Erin Moroney ’18: Film Intern

Erin Moroney is our campus celebrity for the week. Erin is a sophomore from Gaithersburg, Maryland majoring in molecular biology and minoring in film and media studies. She’s interning on the Pottersville, a movie being filmed right in downtown Hamilton, NY. Erin is taking everything she’s learned from her film and media minor and learning even more about the industry through her on-set experience. Since the plot, cast, and most everything else about the movie is unavailable to the public, Erin is one of the few people on campus to have an inside scoop. 



Name: Erin Moroney 

Hometown: Gathersburg, Maryland 

Major: Molecular Biology with a Film and Media Studies minor 

Involvement on Campus: Digital Learning and Media Center media mentor, member of the Colgate Activities Board’s special events committee, and volunteer at an animal shelter as part of Colgate’s Pet Pals.


So, Erin, what got you involved with the internship? 


Since I had taken a Film & Media studies class, Career Services sent me an email about the internship opportunity. After attending an interest meeting, I set up an interview with the producers assistant and got the internship. I’ve always been interested in the creative process behind making movies, so this was an amazing opportunity I couldn’t pass up.


What type of things do you do on set as an intern?


A large part of my internship is working with whatever department needs help that day. A majority of the time I’m working in the art department, helping with set decorating and dressing, but sometimes I’m helping the production department on-set during filming. I also had brief stints in the wardrobe and camera departments when I was filling in for other interns.


Have you had any brushes with fame? 


Yeah, seeing the actors on set and getting to watch them work in person is a really cool experience.


Author’s note: Michael Shannon is the only actor listed on the IMBD page so far. We’re excited to find out the full cast list as it’s revealed! 


What have you learned about the film industry?


I knew that there were a lot of people involved in making a film, but I never realized the extent to which everyone has to work together. Teamwork and communication are key within individual departments and among the crew as a whole.  I’ve also learned a lot about the etiquette of being on a film set and the politics of the industry.


What’s been the most challenging part of your internship so far? 


Definitely the learning curve. I’ve never worked on a film set before so going into the internship I didn’t know much about how a film crew actually worked. I had to learn quickly in order to keep up with everything, since things move fast on set. 


What’s been your favorite part?


Getting firsthand experience in the industry and getting to work with some awesome people who I learned a lot from.


Any sneak peeks you can give us in to the movie? What’s with the changes to the Colgate Inn and Swank? 


I can’t really say much about the film itself, sorry!


Bummer! I guess we’ll have to hang out downtown more often to see what clues we can put together. Good luck with the rest of your internship, Erin!

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