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Colgate’s Hidden Gems: Spots to Study Outside of the Library

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colgate chapter.

Welcome back to Colgate! In the new semester, many of us are making goals to spend more time studying, getting ahead on assignments, or simply looking for a quiet place to read a good book. If you’re looking to get out of Case, here are some less traditional study spots on campus that are great places to turn to!

Lathrop Lobby

Lathrop may seem like only a building to attend class or Writing Center appointments (which I would highly recommend for papers this semester!). However, it can also be a quiet, empty spot to crank out your weekly assignments. On the left and right sides of the first floor, there are armchairs with small desks attached. Tucked into the corner of the building underneath an open window, these armchairs are a great place to get some work done independently. 

Coop Computer Lab

When you’re looking to get a study session in post-lunch, or simply looking for a new study spot, the Coop Computer Lab is the place to be. Head downstairs to find a room with computer access as well as a quiet and relatively empty location to study. 

Ho Science Center

While this location is more prevalent among Colgate students, its multiple levels should be explored. Ho has a downstairs and upstairs floor with a variety of sizes in tables as well as individual rooms. This study spot provides both a great place to study with friends as well as somewhere to study independently and enjoy the beautiful, earth-inspired scenery.

Keck Language Center

Located in the bottom of Lawrence, this study spot allows you to get some work done and also get to hear some different languages. Stop by after your morning class in Lawrence to crank out an assignment or practice your language skills!


This is probably the most controversial choice. However, Frank’s constant student chatter and clatter of plates can provide some great background noise to encourage productivity. You can set up camp to study and then meet a friend for lunch or dinner on a study break!

Amanda Krowitz is a current sophomore at Colgate University, concentrating in English. Her hobbies include writing for Colgate's student newspaper, reading, and waterskiing.