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Studying smarter and more efficiently starts with a good environment. Some people feed off the buzz and energy of coffee shops, while others blast their headphones at full volume. Personally, I am easily distracted by the amount of people shuffling around me. I also try to position myself near food for snacks and breaks, but not so close that I procrastinate. Overall, it takes a lot of trial and error to find the spots that work best. Here are some of my favorite spots as a Colgate student:

case library 3rd floor

Some people love the library, and some people hate it. I find it to be the best place for when you really need to get loads of work done. The cubicles are nice because you have privacy, but I’ve found that I can’t be held accountable for doing my work when no one is watching. As a result, I’ve discovered that the big tables on the third floor are the best place to study. Everyone is watching and grinding, so it’s easy to soak in that productive energy, spread out your books, and pop on your headphones. Every time I sit down, I get so much work done! 

burke/pinchin quad

With the beautiful summer weather transitioning into fall, the Burke/Pinchin quad is one of my favorite places on campus to lay out and do some readings. It doesn’t feel too crowded, as most people aren’t willing to truck further up the hill. Because it’s further away from the academic quad, you won’t get too distracted by students chatting during the passing period. I love taking advantage of the few weeks we have nice weather here in Hamilton, and this is a great way to do so. It’s even more relaxing if you have a hammock to hang up, but a blanket will also suffice.

ho science center study room

Perhaps an unpopular opinion of mine, but Ho is not the best place to do work. It’s incredibly echoey and people are always moving in and out, which can feel distracting. But, if you are lucky enough to grab a private room on the third floor, it is the best place to study. As a student in STEM, I feel so in my element when I snag a room, spread out my lab manuals and get to work on a lab report. Even if you aren’t in STEM, a room is a nice, quiet place to have your own space while being held accountable because of its glass walls. 

burke/pinchin study room

I know not all of us have the luxury to live in Burke or Pinchin. But, if you are lucky to have a friend that does, the large study rooms are a cozy and private place to get work done. I especially like late nights in these rooms, because if I need a break, I can always just bother my friends upstairs or head to Frank for a coffee and scone.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to studying. With a bit of trial-and-error, you too can find what study environment best suits your specific work habits. 

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Shira Kim

Colgate '24

Colgate University Class of 2024 studying Biology and Economics. From CT and Hong Kong. Passionate about fighting against modern day slavery and for women.
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