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Best Places to Eat in Syracuse Besides the Typical Chains like Chipotle

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colgate chapter.

Ever get sick of the food in Hamilton, New York for the day but have no idea where to go outside of our little bubble? Syracuse, New York is just under an hour away and is loaded with fun places to try!

~Fine~ Dining:


Probably some of the best pasta you’ll ever have in your life. Hard to get in on Friday nights and only takes reservations for big parties but a fun scene to wait around and grabs some drinks!

Address: Armory Square- 311 S Franklin St, Syracuse, NY 13202

Food type: Italian

Best dishes: Famous spicy hot tomato oil


Another Italian option not too far from pastabilities if the line is too long! When the weather’s nice Francesca’s has a lit patio area with good vibes.

Address: Armory Square- 545 N Salina St, Syracuse, NY 13202

Food type: Italian

Best dishes: Gnocchi

The York

An amazing restaurant with a variety of American food, sushi, seafood and original items and s’mores skillet dessert

Address: Armory Square- 247 West Fayette Street,  Syracuse NY, 13202

Food type: American/mixed

Best dishes: fried chicken, crab cake tots, volcano roll (with flaming hot Cheetos)

Trendy bites:

Original Grain:

One of the most popular lunch spots in Syracuse. Original Grain’s menu is stocked with fan favorites such as açaí bowls, poke bowls, avocado toast, nori wraps, grain/lettuce/noodle bowls and smoothies.

Address: 302 S Salina St, Syracuse NY, 13202

Food type: bowls

Best dishes: Stay puffed smoothie bowl (cacao, peanut butter, coconut flakes, cacao nibs, reese’s puffs), orange + goji bowl (short rib, killer kale blend, napa slaw, carrot, cucumber, apple, goji berries, sesame seeds, orange-chili dressing)

Funk n Waffles

A menu revolving entirely around waffles- self explanatory. Also live music and nightly open mics make for a fun bite with friends!

Address: Armory Square- 307-313 S Clinton St, Syracuse, NY 13202

Food type:  Waffles (sweet, savory and sandwiches), extensive smoothie and coffee list.

Best dishes: banana bread waffle, bootsy brunch (bacon stuffed waffle with two eggs and choice of cheese in a sandwich), Nutella latte.


Modern Malt:

An old fashion diner with a modern twist and very creative menu such as French toast crusted with Kellogg’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Hello Buffalo Poutine.

Address: Armory Square- 325 Clinton St, Syracuse, NY 13202

Food type: Diner food with a twist

Best dishes: Barney Rubble (fruity pebble crusted French toast, strawberry ginger jam and creme anglaise)

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