Best Celeb Costumes For Halloween



1. Kim K and Baby North

     Grab a baby doll or your best pal and go as diva mommy Kim Kardashian. Find some key leather pieces either leggings or a dress and stuff some fluff into your junk. Black smokey eye and a sleeked back pony will have all the Kanye's after you this halloween. 




2. Miley

    Miley's ratchetness is still in season. Sport her famous two pixie buns with a alot of body glitter add your tongue waving out and some J's on your feet. 

3. Iggy Azelea

    Pick up a long blonde wig, tight spandex shorts and a crop tank for this fancy costume. Some door knocker gold hoop earrings, stunna shades and sharply filed press on nails will keep you in the fast lane from LA to Tokyo.

4. Ariana Grande

     The key to this costume is nailing the thick ponytail on little Miss.Grande. Grab some individual hair extensions and wrap them into a high gelled back pony tail. Match this with some gold bangles and a hot pink pout. 

5. Beyoncé

    Timeless bootylicious Beyoncé costume is relevant every year. Queen Bey is still on top and you can be too. Look out for a gold dequin statement dress, stilettos and some literal blue spray painted leaves as Ivy around your arms (get it!?). 



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