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Aje Julien and Cal Holloway ’16

This week’s campus cutie is actually not one cutie but two cuties. Boston and Phi Tau’s phinest, Callahan Holloway and Aje Julien have been bffls since high school and decided long distance would be too hard so they decided to go to Colgate together. 

Names: Aje Julien and Callahan Holloway



AJ: Math/Econ

CH: Sociology minor: Women’s Studies 


Ideal Girl:

AJ: Smart, funny, sexy, insecure, also nice smile

CH: Natalie Portman in Star Wars



AJ: Assembling/disassembling IKEA furniture

CH: Getting Big Mike flustered, “oobering”


Fave thing about eachother:

AJ: Cal can play “baby” by Justin Beiber on the guitar 

CH: Aje’s similar taste in cologne 


Perfect date:

AJ: broadway show 

CH: pizza pub then hunger games 


Favorite place to hookup on campus:

AJ: Elevators

CH: Randy and Arman’s room 


Best Dance Move:

AJ: Bernie

CH: Bernie with Aje


Best characteristic:

AJ: Im foreign…

CH: Charisma or wardrobe…you pick 


Best Physical Feature:

AJ: Hair duh

CH: lips and hips 


The boys also wanted everyone to know their astrological signs….

AJ: Aries

CH: Scorpio

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