Abroad Spotlight: Living Life Down Under

This week’s spotlight is on Haley Hamilton ‘19. Haley decided to travel halfway across the globe this semester, taking her studies from Hamilton, New York to Dunedin, New Zealand. We were able to catch up with her this past week on her abroad experience thus far. Check out what she had to say:



1. Where are you studying this semester and are you with anyone from Colgate?

Dunedin, New Zealand at the University of Otago. There are a few other people from Colgate here like Sadie Ray and Tristan Gardner.


2. How is your living situation?

I live in a pretty nice flat. I have 3 flatmates and my own room, a nice kitchen and 2 bathrooms. The area around my university is mostly college students in little houses.


3. How are classed different in New Zealand than they are at Colgate?

Classes are usually big lectures where attendance isn't really mandatory. There are less assignments and more weight is put on finals.


4. Have you traveled anywhere else thus far?

I've also gone to Cairns and Sydney in Australia for my mid-semester break


5. What has been your favorite part about studying abroad so far?

New Zealand is so beautiful and we are always hiking, skiing, camping, going to the beach, or just exploring. Its really cool to meet new people too. We hang out with a lot of people from New Zealand who are really fun and adventurous.



6. Do you have any advice for those who wish to study abroad in the upcoming semesters?

Don't be afraid to go somewhere without your friends. It's a little scary at first to go to a new country by yourself, but really a cool experience to be able to do your own thing and meet new people.