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7 Signs Fall Break Can’t Come Soon Enough

When you’ve exhausted your clean underwear collection, so commando for the next three days until you can bring laundry home to mama.

When it’s pumpkin spiced latte season and the nearest Starbucks is 45 minutes away from your college town in Boondocks, USA.

When you ‘accidentally’ have a 7-hour Sopranos marathon on Sunday, instead of taking care of that annotated bibliography and take-home midterm due Tuesday.

When you’ve already drafted a detailed schedule of all your favorite restaurants you can get to within the 4-day weekend.  Sunday is a double lunch kind of day, right?

Speaking of scheduling, those encroaching roots can only be manicured by your tried-and-true stylist from home.  You scheduled that blowout in between breakfast and…brunch on Saturday.

When autumn is actually coming.  And those jean shorts and Rainbows simply aren’t cutting it anymore.  Vest season, here we come.

When you’ve been so consumed with thinking of the last six signs that you contemplate skipping classes for the rest of the week and extending that (much needed) fall break.

Then again, it’s only Monday…


Morgan is a junior at Colgate University where she majors in Creative Writing and minors in Film & Media Studies.  On campus, Morgan is a New Member Educator for greek life's Kappa Kappa Gamma.  When she's not under stacks of English literature in the library, you can find her watching old reruns of Laguna Beach with her co-correspondent leader, Caroline Parsons.  An avid listener of country music, interior design fanatic, and diehard Bachelor spectator.  Check out the blogs and articles produced by Morgan, Caroline, and their diverse (just as weird) team of writers!
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