The 6 Worst Things to Happen Before Formal

We're back—it's formal season once more. You got the dress. Found the perfect heels. Even locked down the perfect dance floor partner. What could go wrong?

Let us tell you.

1.  Last minute preparations are commencing and the zipper snags.

Your friend promises—it's not you, it's the dress. Nevertheless, tears commence.

2.  That spray tan from JJ's sounded good in theory—but your orange pillow case begs to differ.

It's not Willy Wonka themed.

3.  The inevitable fraturday got the best of him—stand up.

Going stag wasn't in the plan.

4.  Bottles are poppin'—unfortunately it's all over your dress. 

That stain can't be ignored.

5.  Mozz stix are flowing and clasps are popping.

Bring extra safety pins, ladies.

6.  You're friend zoned on the bus ride home.

Platonic, shmatonic.

There's always next year, folks.