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5 Unique Pie Recipes to Make This Thanksgiving

Tired of eating apple pie every Thanksgiving? Try these unique pie recipes instead to spice up the holiday.

apple cheddar rye pie

A fresh twist on an old classic, this apple cheddar rye pie is sure to be a people pleaser. The cheddar balances out the sweetness of the apples while the rye elevates the fall flavors inside this buttery dessert.

butternut squash glazed tart

This butternut squash glazed tart looks fancy and is surprisingly easy to make. The crispy puff pastry and sweet apricot topping will make even your pickiest cousin eat butternut squash for dessert.    

black-bottom banana cream pie

If you like sweet, creamy desserts, this black-bottom banana cream pie is for you! Chocolate custard, sliced bananas, and vanilla custard layered inside a graham cracker crust and topped with chocolate shavings, this decadent dessert is hard not to love.

two-tone ginger custard

Packed with spices reminiscent of gingerbread, this two-tone ginger custard pie tastes like the holiday season. My favorite part about this pie is the deceptively professional looking two-tone design, which is so simple that even a novice can pull it off!   

maple tart with oatmeal cookie crust

 This maple tart with oatmeal cookie crust will satisfy any sweet-tooth. The crispy oatmeal crust and light maple custard make for a delightful fall-flavored pairing that will have everyone around the Thanksgiving table begging you for the recipe.  

Macklin Fishman studies English at Colgate University. Her interests include film, social justice, women's empowerment, and fitness.
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