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5 Song Recommendations and Their Playlist Pairing

There is truly nothing worse than getting sick of your favorite songs.  This feeling makes finding new songs that much better. Music has such a powerful effect on us, and I believe it is important to keep your playlists updated so that you are always feeling refreshed and inspired. While I can’t promise that you won’t get sick of these songs at some point, they are definitely worth checking out. Here are five songs I recommend everyone add to their queue, along with the type of playlist I think they would match perfectly. Disclaimer, my playlists tend to be incredibly niche, but I think you will be able to understand precisely what I mean by them. 

#1) “Need You” by Kidswaste 

Need You is the epitome of a window down, driving on the highway, the crisp wind blowing in your face kind of song. I know that’s a pretty big claim, but this song will not disappoint. The first few seconds of the song start with vibey synthesized lyrics, but when the “beat” drops, you get a euphoric feeling that fills your head. It’s calming yet inspiring. I think any college student would love this song. As predicted, Need You would fit seamlessly into your “Windows Down” playlist. 

#2) “We’re Good” by Dua Lipa 

Something about this song is so catchy. I’m usually very wary of music on the top of a pop hits chart since it usually becomes overplayed. However, this song is worth listening to. It sounds like a typical pop song, but very much in Dua Lipa’s style, so it has that “casually cool” feeling. I would put this in my “Songs With No Home” playlist. Yeah, I have a playlist named that. It’s for those songs that are so good they deserve to be saved, but they don’t quite fit any other playlist– yet. 

#3) “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals 

Heat Waves has similar vibes as Need You. There is a better drum line that doesn’t exist in Need You, and the song is more lyrics-oriented. This song has also been on the top hits charts, but I don’t fear that it will become overplayed. The low-fi vibes and beat make this song perfect for your “Study Grind” playlist. The bass will keep you focused, and its lack of traditional chorus, verse, bridge structure makes it ideal for playing in the background. 

#4) “Robbery” by Lime Cordiale 

Within the first 5 seconds of the song, you can immediately classify it into its proper playlist. It’s peppy but with good instrumentals. The vocals’ muffled sounds, the extraneous background sounds, and the catchy chorus make this song an obvious choice for your “You’re the Main Character” playlist. I know this type of music is very much dated back to early quarantine. However, we cannot deny that this kind of music slaps, especially as you walk around campus. I promise you’ll find yourself saying, “Hey! there’s been a robbery” even in the library. 

#5) “Awaken” by Big Wild 

This song does something to me. I know, you probably think that I sound really crazy. Just listen to it. The whimsical synthesized instrumental fill your head and lift your spirits. You have to listen to this song with headphones to get the full experience. Yes, it is an experience. Turn the volume up, lay in your bed, close your eyes, and wait for the first beat drop. I can always count on this song to change my mood, so this song fits my “Out of Your Bag” playlist. Perfect for when you’re feeling down and you need something to lift your spirits 

Seriously give these songs a listen. I am sure you will at least like one of them, and they will get you away from the overplayed top charts and TikTok songs. I have recently been using music to influence my mood, and I think these songs perfectly demonstrate how to do that. If you don’t like any of them, maybe you got inspiration to make extremely niche playlists. It doesn’t matter how many songs are in the playlist, just remember, quality over quantity, always.

Hi! My name is Kate Connelly and I am a junior studying Economics and Geography.
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