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Hello dedicated readers, it’s your favorite HerCampus writer back with the latest scoop! 


This week has been riddled with crazy current events and awesome new topics. Whether you’re still trying to win over that boy from your chem class or want your parents to think all that money they’re putting into paying your tuition is actually going towards you learning new things, here are the top 5 things for you to know this week. 


  1. On Friday, September 20th, students, worldwide, skipped class and to take part in a climate strike. Inspired by climate activist Greta Thunberg, teenagers and adults alike marched in hopes of pushing both local and federal government officials to make new policies outlawing plastic and and to implement other environmentally friendly tactics. According to Thunber as of September 17th, 4,638 events were slated to take place in 139 countries. If you weren’t able to participate in your local strike, however, there are numerous petitions circling and other ways to get involved in helping save our planet. 

  2. Vaping-related illnesses and deaths continue to occur with more frequency- and people are getting sick of it. As investigations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration and state health departments remain underway, big companies are getting involved in their own way. Walmart has banned the sale of all e-cigarettes in their stores and recently raised its tobacco purchasing age to 21. Many hope that other powerhouses will follow suit in order to eliminate their use entirely. 

  3. If you’ve never seen the classic film The Devil Wears Prada, you are seriously missing out… like seriously. But never fear, if movies aren’t your thing you are in for a treat; A musical adaptation of The Devil Wears Prada will debut at Chicago’s James M. Nederlander Theatre on July 14, 2020. Depending on the success of the show it may move to Broadway following its run in Chicago. Although there is still no word on whether Meryl Streep or Anne Hathway will make an appearance in the show, fans around the world will continue to pray and dream. 

  4. After a long and hard battle with media and the NFL, Antonio Brown has been released from the Patriots only two weeks after joining the team. On the heels of a sexual assault accusation, the former star player has been cited as “taking a different direction” from the Patriot team. His future in the NFL is currently unknown.  

  5. Bachelor fans-this one is for you. On September 17th, the new bachelor for the upcoming 24th season was announced, and the lucky man is… Peter Weber! Ever since Hannah broke his heart in the finale of the Bachlorette last season fans have been begging to see the airline pilot on screen again, and producers have decided to grant their wish. We can’t say for sure that Peter is fully over Hannah, but personally, I think having a host of beautiful girls hanging on his every word for the next few months will probably help ;)


Be sure to tune in next week for more ~sophisticated~ newsworthy topics!