5 Healthy Post-Workout Snacks

Refueling after a workout is vital in order to stay energized and tackle the day. However, it can be challenging to decide what to eat and instead, reach for something unhealthy. After a workout you want to make sure you are reaching for a healthy snack that will replenish you and keep you satisfied. I have complied a list below of some of my favorite go to healthy post workout snacks!

1. Justin’s Almond Butter Protein Bar 

I love anything Justin’s. From their peanut butter to almond butter to the easy to go packets, they have a ton of variety that is perfect for post workouts. And, their almond butter protein bar is no exception. It is filled with protein, tastes amazing, and is perfect for a quick, easy, on the go snack. 

2. Apple and Peanut Butter 

I told you I love nut butters! Apples (or banana!) and peanut butter is a classic for a reason. It is the perfect combination that provides fruit, protein, and is quick and efficient. 

3. Smoothie

A smoothie is one of my favorite snacks. It is so simple and there are so many ways to make them. From strawberry banana to mixed berry to a green smoothie there are a variety of ways to add to smoothies and make them a refreshing and delicious post workout snack. 

4. Nuts

Nuts (or trail mix!) are a great snack especially if you are in a time crunch. They are filling, give you protein, and are great for on the go. My favorite are salt and vinegar almonds (they taste like potato chips I swear!). 

5. Hummus and Pita

Hummus is a great source of protein and a great post workout snack. You can make homemade hummus or store bought and pair it with pita for some carbs or veggies such as carrots, cucumbers, or peppers. Hummus is a perfect healthy snack to refuel and be ready to take on your day!


These are just a few of the many great post workout snacks and you can mix and match with so many of them! Add your own twist, switch ingredients out, and make it your own! There are so many ways to make snacking healthy and easy and stay on track with your workout.