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5 Dream Dates That You Can’t Do Because You Live in Hamilton, NY

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colgate chapter.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner which means you or your significant other is beginning to plan a special night for the two of you.  No matter if you love this holiday or are indifferent about it, you still want to do something memorable with your loved (or liked) one.  However, if you haven’t realized by now, living in Hamilton, NY leaves you with very limited options of what you are able to do.  Enjoy 5 expectation vs. reality gifs of dream Valentine’s Day dates that simply cannot happen because you go to Colgate.

1.  Take your crush or loved one out to drinks … expectation:


2. Go to a very fancy, over the top dinner… expectation:


3. Make a dramatic entrance to pick your significant other up… expectation:


4. Go for a romantic walk… expectation:


5. See a movie… expectation:


Since Hamilton Movie Theater has two movies that play once a day… better stick to Netflix.

While these situations are not ideal, Hamilton and Colgate are the best places on earth, so you should take what you can get! Happy love day!

Ari Lear

Colgate '20