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5 COVID-Friendly Activities to Try at College

If one thing is for sure, it’s that all university students have felt the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at Colgate University, coronavirus restrictions can exacerbate feelings of loneliness and isolation (not to mention claustrophobia if you live in a double like me!). Even as the University loosens its restrictions, it can be challenging to plan events with friends while staying socially distant. Below are five activities you must try with friends, both on and off campus.

  1. Plan a picnic: This can be anywhere, from Whitnall Field to Taylor Lake; the possibilities are endless. Pack food from one of the dining halls, pick up a meal from your favorite food truck on campus, or order takeout from a staple in town and get out there and enjoy Colgate’s beautiful campus in springtime. Don’t forget to bring a speaker and some blankets!

  2. Draw/paint outside: Similar to the last idea, except this one involves art! Borrow a friend’s car, stop by Dollar General or Dollar Tree, and grab some supplies (I’m a personal advocate of adult coloring books). If you and your friends are feeling overwhelmed by midterms, coloring may help reduce stress and anxiety. Other crafts include beaded bracelets, finger knitting, and scrapbooking.

  3. Host a movie night: There are so many great ways to do this here at Colgate. If you’re craving movie theater popcorn or a slushie (honestly, when was the last time we even went to the movies?), try gathering a large group of friends and rent out the Hamilton Movie Theater for the night. Or, if you’d prefer watching a movie from the security of your dorm, download the Netflix Party extension on your browser and invite friends to comment on scenes. If you’re feeling adventurous, try decking out a shared common space or reserving a study room to play a film from a projector.

  4. Exercise together: As the weather warms up in Hamilton, there is perhaps a no better way to spend time with friends than outside. Soak up some well-needed Vitamin D by playing frisbee, SpikeBall, cornhole, or simply walking along the trails. 

  5. Create a time capsule: We can all agree that we are living in unprecedented times. Twenty years down the road, we may wonder just how we kept ourselves sane. Try cutting out headlines (I suggest the Maroon-News) that show current events and trends, write yourself a letter, and include objects that are small/non-perishable. After you and your friends have compiled each item, store your time capsule in a shoebox or other container. 

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