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30 Thoughts Girls Have About the Gym

1.  Wow, I really don’t want to go to the gym2.  …But those cookies look really good3.  Okay, so since I had one more I guess I’ll go to the gym.4.  Oh no! Where are my sneakers?5.  I haven’t used them in two weeks… hope they’re gone forever6.  Oh there they are… under the laundry I haven’t done…7.  Okay, okay. I’m dressed to impress.8.  Time to find a treadmill!

9.  There’s one in the corner, perfect!10.  Why is every single person here a Lulu Lemon model?11.  I can’t afford that.12.  I also don’t look like that in leggings. Definitely not in those booty shorts.13.  Okay, let’s go on the 5k setting. That doesn’t sound too bad.14.  Five miles per hour is fast, right?15.  Can everybody else hear how hard I’m breathing?

16.  I’ll turn up my music so I can’t hear myself.17.  It’s only been .4 miles…18.  Wait, how far is a 5k?19.  I can’t stop staring at the distance completed.20.  Let’s just get to one mile…21.  Wait, why am I the only person sweating?22.  Seriously, how is nobody else sweating?

23.  I thought I was in better shape than this.24.  I guess I should probably start coming here more often. Or not.25.  Yes! One mile!26.  Okay, that’s good for today.27.  I really need a towel28.  Also ice cream…29.  Yeah I just worked out, I totally deserve it.30.  Solid workout!  Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow…emphasis on maybe. 

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