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When my friend likes a guy, everything suddenly becomes a sign.

“He wore white today, and I wore white! It’s a sign!”

When she likes a guy, every little coincidence is now fate.

“We both like (insert something generic)! It’s fate!”

But when she really likes a guy and has to make the first move, suddenly her lack of signs is holding her back.

“I can’t message him yet, we’re not close enough. I need a sign.”

I’m not making these up, these are real quotes. But it isn’t just her though. Everyone in the world it seems is waiting for some cosmic universal sign. A sign to message the guy you like, a sign to start working out, a sign to start that new business or go for that internship. 

In place of signs, we see excuses. Some legitimate, some just ridiculous. Either way though, the excuse plus promise at a vague later date combo is a killer for bailing on your own goals and not feeling guilty.

“I can’t shoot my shot right now, it’s too soon. We need to become closer first.”

“Well, the AC is all the way across campus and it’s too cold to walk that far right now. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow.”

“I’ve got too much homework to do right now, I can’t focus on something else. I’ll start on it when I have some free time or after midterms.”

To be fair, I’m not saying you need to confess your undying love or become Jeff Bezos by tomorrow. I just think the first step to productivity is identifying the excuses and bad habits that get in the way of your goals. 

The second step is of course to start. Starting is always the worst and most painful part, but once you are in that grind, it feels magnificent. So, start. Even the smallest step like a simple text “hey” or signing up on IMLeagues for the treadmill or just coming up with your business name or idea is enough. 

So, this is your magical, cosmic sign from the universe via me. Right now is precisely the time to start all the things you’ve always wanted to do. 

(This means you, little snake! Shoot your shot!)

Jade is a senior at Colby College majoring in Architecture/Urban Studies. She can often be found feeding squirrels around campus. Jade is always down for meeting new people and saying yes to new adventures, so feel free to say hi!
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