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Most people, including myself, have a tendency to push things off until the very last minute. During the four years I’ve had here at Colby, I felt like I could do certain things at a later date, and there was no real rush to go out and do things. As the final few weeks (more like days!) are approaching, I realized that there are many things I haven’t done while at Colby. Here are just some of the things my close friends and I wish we’d done!

  • Get lobster rolls at the Green Spot

  • Go on a run through the arb

  • See a moose

  • Check out more local Waterville businesses

  • Participating in CCAK

  • Eat out more and check out local restaurants

  • Go to the Hume center more

  • Snowshoeing and general winter activities

  • Have a photoshoot with the plants in Arey/Olin

  • Go to the top of Miller

  • Get breakfast at Early Bird

  • Doggy Day Trip from the Humane Society

  • Hike up Katahdin


What are some of the things you wish you did while at Colby?

I am a senior at Colby studying Art History and Global Studies. I love talking about art, coffee, and books! At Colby, I'm a barista at Mary Low Coffee House, a member of Asian Student Association, co-chair of Museum Student Advisory Board, and Colby Dancers. So happy to be a part of the HerCampus family!
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