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Hi all! It’s come to that point in the semester where midterms feel never-ending. I hope everyone is finding the time to take care of themselves. As the last of the fall foliage leaves us—see what I did there?— campus fades into its duller, grayer state. The temperatures drop (apart from last week’s concerningly pleasant weather) and the wind becomes more biting. With these changes often comes a change in mood, not to mention the effects of the Daylight Savings time change. Oftentimes I find this point in the semester the most challenging, both academically and emotionally. November can feel like such an uncomfortable interim sometimes, both missing the hues of October and anticipating the snow and festivities of the winter ahead. To cope with this funky time, here are some things I do to feel more like myself.

  • Acknowledge that it’s a weird time of the year. For me, this is when I routinely slip into a little bit of a rut, so it’s helpful for me to plan ahead and do what I can to navigate the season as comfortably as possible.
  • Take advantage of the sunlight while it’s still here. With the recent time change, the days feel alarmingly short. Taking advantage of the midday warmth with a walk between classes or doing a loop around campus always calms my mind and makes me appreciate the season a little more.
  • Embrace the cold-weather activities! Opt for coffee house study sessions, bake some cookies with friends, or cozy up in a nice blanket and watch a movie. I find it particularly important for me to balance my alone time and time with friends during this time of year.
  • Plan ahead. If you’re like me, the holidays are the best part of the colder months. Start planning out what to get your loved ones for Christmas. Not only is it fun to have an excuse to shop online, but it feels good to plan out gifts for others.
  • Lastly, if all else fails, plug in and crank some Noah Kahan. If there’s one thing he knows well, it’s the ins and outs of the Stick Season.
Alina Castaldy is a senior at Colby College, majoring in English: Creative Writing with a minor in French and Francophone Studies. She loves to create and learn through reading, writing, and dancing. A fun fact about her is that she will never turn down the opportunity to catch a sunrise!