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The Podcasts to Get You Home

Like many Colby students, I am about a three hour drive away from home. Twenty minutes outside of Boston, anyone? I didn’t discover podcasts until sophomore year, but they were truly revolutionary. I love singing and dancing in the car, but only for so long. It’s hard to stay entertained for three hours. Enter:  podcasts. Here are some of my favorite podcasts to get you through any car ride, no matter the distance. 


Armchair Expert: This podcast is my current obsession. It is run by actor and comedian Dax Shepard (husband of Kristen Bell), and essentially he just interviews interesting people. Thus far, my favorite interviews have been with Steve Madden, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Will Ferrell. He also interviews doctors, chefs, psychologists, nutritionists, etc. Dax is funny, relatable, super honest, and brings out tons of ~realness~ from all our favorite celebs. 

My Favorite Murder: Comedy doesn’t usually come to mind in congruence with terrible, gory murder stories; however, Kristen Kilgariff and Georgia Harstark have the ability to make you laugh audibly while discussing history’s most infamous crimes. If you like mystery, comedy, crime, and good storytelling, then this one’s for you. 

Call Her Daddy: If you’re a girl and you want to hear very open, honest, and often humorous stories, tips, and information about sex then listen to Alex and Sophia in Call Her Daddy. They are full of spunk and have no fear while going into detail about the ups and downs of relationships and sex from the female perspective. It’s all about us girls with these two, and I’m here for it. 

The Daily: Do you ever feel like you’re totally behind in terms of today’s news? If you have a spare 30 minutes, The Daily from the New York Times has your back. They cover the most pressing current events, interview relevant people, and keep you up to date on the biggest stories from around the globe. And, you can impress your parents with all of your worldly knowledge. 

Stuff You Should Know: Have you ever been curious about Ayahuasca trips? Or the science of sleep walking? Or if photographic memories are real? These are all topics covered by the guys of Stuff You Should Know. They’ll address your weirdest, randomest, and most niche curiosities with facts, humour, and science. 

Tiny Meat Gang: If you know what’s good for you, you’ve watched a few of Cody Ko and Noel Miller’s Youtube videos. Their joint Youtube series called “That’s Cringe” has made me laugh to tears, and luckily they have a podcast to do just that when you can’t be in front of a screen. If you need some light hearted comedy to get you through your drive, this is the podcast to play. 

Crime Junkie: Last but not least, the most dramatic, scary, and alarming stories are told on Crime Junkie. Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat tell the stories of the most chilling murders, abductions, and missing persons over the past few decades. This podcast is not for the faint of heart, so if you’re at all squeamish or easily frightened I wouldn’t recommend. However, if you need some intensity to get you through a long drive, Brit and Ashley will keep you on the edge of your seat. I’ve had 3 hour long drives feel like 30 minutes by being so absorbed in this podcast. 


So, when you drive or fly home for fall break in a few weeks, keep some of these in mind to help pass the time, there’s one for every and any mood. Happy listening :)


Olivia is a sophomore at Colby College and is a Government major and Sociology minor. Olivia loves her hometown, ~historic~ Concord, Massachusetts, and is a pro scooper at the local ice cream store (her favorite flavor is coffee oreo). She was once an avid horse girl, is currently an avid fan of the Bachelor, and loves the "Star is Born" soundtrack. She loves to travel (esp. to Europe), but unfortunately is afraid of flying (she has embarrassingly fainted on multiple flights). She is the eldest sibling yet is constantly looking to her twelve year old sister for wisdom and advice. After graduation, Olivia hopes to live in an apartment in Boston with friends, spend too much money at restaurants, and become a better Boston sports fan. :-)
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