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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colby chapter.

Now that midterms season is upon us, I have begun to turn to more productive ways of procrastinating my essays and study sessions. I have always been an avid Bullet Journaler, but I have realized that if I have a million things on my plate, my journaling becomes much more intense. Hours of swatching markers and creating spreads takes up all of my time, so it really is the perfect way to procrastinate actual work. Each month, I love to create a new theme and fill my pages with doodles and washi tapes that fit the aesthetic. Amidst all of the artsy stuff, I plan my weeks, jot down any shows or movies I want to watch, and keep track of my mood and habits I want to follow. I’ve decided to round up five of my favorite journaling products to help you get started on your BuJo journey!

  1. Pentel Graphgear 500 pencil in 0.5mm lead

This pencil is actually my holy grail. I love to map everything out in pencil before going in with my pens and markers, and this pencil is great for that! Because it’s only 0.5mm lead, the lines are really light and never leave indents on the paper after you erase your lines. The body of the pencil is also kind of heavy, which helps keep your lines smooth. It also comes in 0.3mm lead if you want something even lighter!

  1. Muji Pens

I can confidently say that Muji pens will change your life. These pens never skip, will last for months, and barely smear. They are quite literally every journaler’s dream pen. I really like to have thin, smooth lines when I’m doing my spreads, so I love that these pens come in a 0.38mm size. I cherish these pens so much that I use them for literally everything! 

  1. Tombow Fudenosuke Dual Brush Pen Markers

I’m pretty sure that almost everyone knows about these markers, but there’s no way I could leave them out of this article! There are SO MANY different color options, so you can really choose whichever ones fit your journal’s aesthetic. I use these markers for almost all of my monthly spreads because they work so well. Although they are a bit pricey, I definitely think it’s worth the investment. (Pro Tip: get a Michael’s membership and buy them there! You can rack up points and coupons and get them for really cheap!)

  1. Tombow Mono 2-Way Correction Tape

This little gadget has saved my journal so many times. Sometimes, I get a little bit pen-happy and end up drawing lines or making marks that I regret. Luckily, this correction tape and eraser combo lets me disguise these mistakes and act like they never happened. I really love this product because the correction tape doesn’t lift, you can write on top of it, and it’s pen-sized! A lot of correction tapes are in really bulky, almost bulbous shapes which make it incredibly hard to be precise. With this, you don’t have to worry anymore!

  1. AmandaRachLee A5 Dotted Notebook

This list really would not be complete without mentioning the queen of Bullet Journaling: AmandaRachLee. I started watching ARL on YouTube several years ago, and I’ve been really excited to see her grow her brand and start to produce her own journaling products! I have been journaling since the eighth grade, so I have gone through a LOT of notebooks, but my dotted notebook from her brand has been my favorite by far. The pages are thick, so there’s no ghosting from using markers and pens and they’re bound really well, so it isn’t falling apart by the end of its life. I also love that I can support one of my biggest inspirations by buying a journal that she designed!

Now that you have a list of items to get you started with Bullet Journaling, you have no more excuses. Get to journaling! Just maybe be a bit more responsible with it than I am…

Bella is a Senior at Colby and is the Chapter President! She is from Clarksville, Tennessee (right outside of Nashville), so she always complains about adjusting to the New England weather. She is an English and Philosophy double major, with a minor in Italian. In her free time, she loves to read, listen to music, grocery shop, and cook.