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Monica Davis

1) Q: What are all the activities that you do on campus?

A: I run track, and I run varsity cross country. I’m a dorm president for East Quad, so that means I’m on SGA. I’m also a member of the publicity committee for SGA. And I’m in BMR, aka Broadway Musical Review.
2) Q: What events do you run in track?

A: In outdoor I run the 800 and 400 meter, and in indoor I run the 600 and the 400 meter.
3) Q: How do you prepare for a race?

A: I drink a lot of water. I’m supposed to get a lot of sleep the night before, but I never do. They say that sex is supposed to help people before a race…I always eat a good meal. I don’t like to have dairy. I listen to music on my iPod all the time before a race. I usually don’t like to stress over a race until two hours before, otherwise it’s stress overload. One hour before, I’ll run and warm up and stretch.
4) Q: What’s your “runner’s high” feel like?

A: It’s indescribable. It’s a feeling that you’ve accomplished something big. It’s that feeling that only you know that you pushed yourself as hard as you possibly could. I’m extremely endorphin happy, usually. I’ve been known to finish a race and nonstop talk. If my parents come, I’ll tell them everything that’s happened to me in the past two months, and my mom will tell me to shut up. But there isn’t a better feeling than finishing a race. You just feel like you have a purpose.
5) Q: What’s your favorite song(s) to listen to while you run or before a race?

A: I’m really into this song “Danza Kuduro.” I’m infamous for listening to one song on repeat for, like, thirty minutes. On long runs, I really only listen to slow music. I don’t listen to Rihanna or anything like that. I’m into country music, so I listen to that when I train. It helps me keep a manageable pace. But, like I said, before a race, it’s one song, high intensity, on repeat.
6) Q: Any major highlights from your Colby career?

A: In terms of running, my freshman year we got 3rd at D3 New Englands in the 4x8. We win states every year for cross country. We are the shit in cross country.
7) Q: Tell me a little bit about your role in SGA. You’re a dorm president. What do you do?

A: My main role is to connect the dorm with SGA, let the residents know what’s going on, what new decisions we’ve made, what motions have been passed, stuff like that. In addition, I need to be a face in the dorm. I need to be someone that everyone can recognize, that people can come to if they need something. I also write a newsletter, and have a resident of the month. For SGA, I am also on the publicity committee. I really do most of the poster designing, that’s my forte.
8) Q: You’ve recently joined BMR. What’s that experience like?

A: It’s very different than anything I’ve done before at Colby. I’m glad I decided to audition. The people are all passionate about singing, and want to make the best show that they can. I’m definitely out of my comfort zone when I’m at BMR practice. I’ve never really twirled around or danced around like that before. It’s definitely good for me to learn how to make a fool of myself on stage. And I love to sing, I did it in high school.
9) Q: What’s your favorite song to sing?

A: Anything from Wicked I’ll do, for sure. “Defying Gravity.” I sang “Popular” to audition. Anything with a little belt to it.
10) Q: Describe yourself as a student, an athlete, a singer, a member of SGA. Do you change depending on the task at hand?

A: Well, my admissions essay was about how the mind of the runner is me. The mentality I have when I’m running, I bring it to everything I’m doing—my work, my social life, extracurricular activities. Runners are very diligent and focused. I would never miss practice ever, so I feel like I can’t miss anything. But I’ve separated the mind of the runner from my social life. I take the happiness I get from running and bring that to my social life, but that’s it. I leave the intensity behind. I also think the fact that I’m a runner keeps me balanced because I have to get sleep, then I have to get my work done before I sleep, then I can go out if my work’s done. So it all connects.
11) Q: What’s your major?

A: Biology and studio art. I wanted to go to art school, but my parents said I wouldn’t get a job, so I went to a liberal art school so I could do both art and academics. I won’t do anything with art when I leave here, but it’s something I love to do. We have a great department here, and I’ve fallen in love with the art history program, too, which I never thought I would. It works the other side of my brain.
12)  Q: What are you planning on doing when you get older?

A: I want to do something with ecology. I plan on going to grad school for ecology. I’ll do some research based work for a while, but eventually I want to get my PhD and I think I’ll end up teaching. I’m really interested in invasive species and plants.
13)    Q: If you could have one person play you in a movie, who would it be?

A: Oh my god, easy. Monica from friends. Everyone tells me I’m like her, not just because we have the same name, but also because we’re similar. So Courtney Cox. Plus, she’s flawless. I just wouldn’t want to be divorced like she is.
14) Q: Whom would you want to write your biography?

A: J.K. Rowling because I’m in love with Harry Potter, and I think it would be really cool to have the next book that she rights be about me. Everyone is anticipating it.
15) Q: Have any advice for freshmen/underclassmen girls?

A: Make as many mistakes as you can as a freshman because you can blame it on being young and naïve. And boys lie. My dad has told me that since day one. He’ll always say it when I leave the house. When my freshman-year boyfriend and I broke up, and it ended badly, and I came home and he was like, “See? Boys lie.” Boys lie, especially when they’re under the influence of alcohol. Not ALL boys lie, just most. A good percentage.
16) Q: If you had to get a tattoo, what would you get and where?

A: I’ll never get a tattoo. But if I HAD to, I would get the word fearless on my shoulder in cursive. A) I’m a huge TSwift fan, and B) anything you do, you have to approach it with no fear. So having that written on my body wouldn’t be that bad. That’s how I want to say I lived my life. I was fearless. I’ll get a lot of ear piercings, but no tattoos.
17) Q: What’s your favorite place on earth?

A: I would say the track, but that’s really lame…I don’t know.
18) Q: What’s your favorite quote?

A: “People don’t run the race to win, they run the race to see who has the most guts.” I think it not only is about running, it’s also about life. We’re not in life to win, we’re here to see who gives it their all.
19) Q: What’s the greatest invention of all time?

A: The cell phone.
20) Q: Do you have any secret talents or guilty pleasures?

A: I can walk on my hands. I have a permanently dislocated elbow. I really like tortilla chips and eggs. Eggs are important to me. They have to have cheese, too. It’s my #1 hangover food. And I have cheese sticks in my fridge right now…mmm. Sadly, I’m a Grey’s Anatomy watcher. Oh, and I love a good cry.
21)  Q: How do you balance all of the things you do?

A: I don’t. I guess Sundays just usually aren’t easy for me. Most students sleep in and eventually make it to Miller, but I actually have to get up early. I have practice for BMR and SGA meetings, and homework on top of all of that. I’m usually very organized, so I know weeks in advance when I have an exam. I will make study guides weeks in advance so that I won’t fall behind. And I still need to go out. I definitely make time for that. I never let going out get away from me.

Eliza hails from Cambridge, MA. She is a senior English major with a concentration in creative writing at Colby College. She has been working with Her Campus Colby since it launched. At Colby, she is also mentors a little girl twice a week and cooks at the Mid Maine Homeless Shelter. She knows more about sports than most boys-- especially Boston sports-- her one true love. But she also has a passion for classic literature, fashion, and modern art.
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