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Lip Color for Summer: Think Pink…and then some


With May well underway we can look forward to warmer weather and sunnier days guaranteed in the weeks ahead. While most of us have assuredly phased out our winter wools for springtime short staples in the closet, the beauty bin has most likely been overlooked in this transition between the seasons. The past fall and winter season honored the big bold lip with deep Burgundies, dark plums and rich mochas abounding in lip color. Dark purple will continue to have its time and place, but may have to slightly temper its public appearance with the more natural palettes of warmer months upon us. Embrace spring’s version of bright and bold and play with pinks this season. Throw in the occasional coral red and subtle, sexy nude and you will be ready to embrace fashion’s penchant for punk without being a summer Goth- the dark plums are always there if that is your gig though. As a follow-up to my September blog post Going Bold for Fall: The Dark Purple Lip, check out the following five favorites for spring and summer lipsticks:

Funny Face, NARS: A bright semi-matte lipstick, Funny Face makes for a great nighttime color in the summer. The darker hues of winter weigh too heavily on summer palettes, but it is still fun to sport a bold lip when the opportunity is fitting. This lip color by NARS is particularly noteworthy for its subtle iridescent sheen that is ideal for summer. Wear it with otherwise neutral face makeup, save for some jet-black mascara and a hit of bronzer and you are set for those warm summer nights.


Heat Wave, NARS: Lighten up the classic red lip with more of an orange-red or coral red color. Another of NARS’ semi-matte lipsticks, Heat Wave is a summer nighttime staple for when you are feeling bold. Pair it with thick, jet-black mascara and neutral face makeup to let this color speak for itself. Blonds and browns alike feel free to experiment with this lovely hue for when you are feeling red-hot or just need that little boost to get there.


Whimsy, Tarte: One of several colors in Tarte’s pure performance 12-hour lipstick line, this bright pink is lighter and softer than NARS’ Funny Face. Whimsy is a perfect all-purpose color for the spring and summer- and it complements a variety of complexions. Thanks to the all-natural ingredients of all Tarte cosmetics, this lipstick is also highly moisturizing. The minor addition of clay in the ingredient mix helps this color give you a flawless, smooth finish on your lips. Try it with a light baby-pink blush during the day, or a grey smoky eye at night.


Mod Squad, Benefit: A full-finish lipstick from Benefit, Mod Squad goes on ever so lightly; it is the perfect complement to a bronzed tan elsewhere on the face. Not particularly creamy or sticky, this color has a stronger iridescent sheen to it than Funny Face, which makes it ideal for day or night. This color is a definite go-to for the makeup bag on your next trip to the beach. Layer it overtop a lipstick with a more saturated hue that you want to add a little shine to for fun.


N1 Iridescent Nude, Make Up For Ever: A nude lip is timeless and flattering for all, especially with a sun kissed glow from days spent outside in the coming months. Try this one from Make Up For Ever, but be sure not to apply it too heavily or you make look like you are wearing liquid concealer on your lips. It is also ideal for layering with a deep pink you may want to soften (like Funny Face if you are not feeling quite that bold). Pair nude lips with peach blush or bronzer and embrace it for nighttime by playing up your eyes if you find yourself in need of a little more drama in the face.


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