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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colby chapter.

Let’s face it: we all love the catty drama on The Bachelor, and this season on ABC with Matt (who is the first Black bachelor!) is no different. There’s one contestant, Victoria, that has everyone’s attention. Her entrance as “Queen Victoria” made quite an impression on Matt, and she made no hesitation to be the center of the drama. Although she’s clearly part of the entertainment of the show, we need to talk about her toxic traits and why we shouldn’t laugh it off.

*Warning: Spoilers ahead!


Bringing other girls down

Victoria got in quite a feud with Marylynn, who unfortunately got sent home due to the drama. If I am not mistaken, Victoria seemed to cause the drama out of thin air, calling Marylynn toxic. There may have been off-screen drama where Marylynn was toxic towards Victoria, but as far as the viewers can see, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Let’s not forget that when Sarah left the show, Victoria stated that “the trash took itself out.” If that doesn’t scream toxicity and bullying, I don’t know what does.


Sl*t shaming

In last week’s episode, there was drama leading up to Brittany being “exposed” as an escort. Brittany quickly shut down rumors of involvement in sex work, but Victoria was quick to jump on the bullying bandwagon. She called Brittany names, essentially shaming her from a single rumor. 

*P.S.* But even if Brittany was a sex worker, that doesn’t give Victoria the right to slander Brittany. It adds to the fact that Victoria is completely comfortable with bringing other girls down by name-calling.

Not only that, but in last night’s episode, Matt confronted Victoria about calling Ryan, one of the other contestants, a “h**” for being a dancer. Victoria seemed unapologetic about her actions, which ultimately led to her departure from the show.


Being the Center of Attention

Last week, Catalina (aka former Miss Puerto Rico) came into the spotlight wearing her Miss Universe sash and crown. Victoria was quick to steal Catalina’s crown without permission, reinstating her self-given title as “Queen Victoria.” I don’t know about you but this is something a little girl would do—it’s just completely immature and inappropriate.

On last night’s episode, Victoria certainly left the show in her usual, dramatic demeanor. Let’s not forget that Victoria called Katie, a contestant that shed light on the bullying issues to Matt, “disgusting.” Victoria’s hysteria towards the end of her reign is a clear sign of denial, hypocrisy, and toxicity.


Although Victoria is one of the most “entertaining” aspects of the show, it’s important to keep in mind the toxic nature of her personality and that dismissing it as “funny” is extremely harmful. I hope that viewers recognize these characteristics not just on the show, but in personal relationships as well.

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