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How to…Stay Positive

The days are getting significantly shorter, the temperature is starting to reach “winter coat weather,” and final exams are right around the corner. If you’re anything like my friends and I, you are probably questioning what seemed like a very rational decision when you toured here in the summer, why do we go to school in Maine? In additional to all of the emotional effects resulting from the changing seasons, we can all attest to the tension and grief felt throughout campus over the past few weeks. In light of all these recent events, it is important to remember to stay positive. Here are a few things we like to do to help surround ourselves with positive energy…

RELAX. With all the stress of schoolwork and all that time cooped up in the library, it is really important to give yourself a break. Take a trip to Portland. There are tons of cute boutiques and beautiful views of the water. It is a great little city that’s only a little over an hour away. Go see a movie at the Railroad Square Cinema. It’s a super small theatre right in Waterville with a great vibe and a delicious Mexican restaurant to enjoy before your show. Cook dinner with your friends. I’ve been really into this lately. All you need is an easy recipe, a few ingredients, and a friend with a kitchen.

READ. I find that reading a book on a topic you enjoy can be one of the best ways to take you on a “vacation.” I can get lost in a good book for hours. If you don’t have time to sit and read a novel, I really enjoy light-hearted magazines or the comic section of newspapers.

INSPIRE. One of the best ways to maintain a positive aura is to think and act positively, by doing so; it will inspire your friends to do so as well. I can attest to the fact that when you are surrounded by happy, smiling people, it will immediately boost your mood and energy level. What if you aren’t feeling so inspired? My favorite things to do to get inspired are going for a run outside, looking at old photos of my friends and family, calling up someone I haven’t spoken to for a while, and reading my book of positive quotes.

How do you stay positive??

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