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How to Donate Your Old Clothes for Cash Back

There are two reasons why I wrote this article: First, the year is coming to a close, and I’m clearing out my closet. I’m trying to avoid repeating last year when I stayed up until 4 AM the day before leaving school trying to pack all of the STUFF I brought to college as a freshman, thinking I would wear it, use it, or do whatever with it at some point in the year, but just never did. Second, if you’re like me and you love Madewell jeans but just can’t get yourself to pay for them with that extra digit on the end of the pricetag, or are always searching for discount codes (unsuccessfully) before purchasing clothes online, I think I have an idea that might help out both you and me.

Here are some stores you can donate your old clothes for cash back. So do some spring closet cleaning, and recycle your clothes for a little somethin’ somethin’.

1. Recycle your old denims with Madewell

Photo by Shack Shackelford on Unsplash

Madewell works with Blue Jeans Go Green™ and Habitat for Humanity to recycle your old jeans into housing insulation. In return for your donated old denim, you get $20 off your next purchase of Madewell jeans!


2. Recycle your clothes with H&M brands (includes H&M, Monki, Cheap Monday, and Weekday)

Photo by Mike Mozart ​on Flickr

Got clothes from high school you thought you might still wear someday but never do? Get a 15% off voucher at H&M for every bag of old clothes you drop off at any H&M store.


3. Get 20% off any single, full-priced item at Levi’s

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

Partnered with I:Collect, Levi’s offers you a 10% discount on all their products for every bag of clean and dry clothes and shoes you leave at their store.


4. Get a free face mask at Lush!

“Inside LUSH” by .melanie is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

All you have to do is bring in at least five empty and clean container pots to one of their stores.


5. Get $10 off your next pair of jeans at American Eagle

Photo by Angela Bailey on Unsplash

Also partnered with Blue Jeans Go Green™, American Eagle gives you $10 off your next purchase of AE jeans for any pair of jeans from any brand you bring them. 


6. The street in Miller

Photo by Jocelyn Meyer

Funny story: I cleaned out my closet during Jan-Plan and found a sweater I didn’t wear anymore. It’s a nice sweater, so instead of throwing it away I decided to leave it on the rack in the middle of the street where students and professors often leave random books, stationary, and lost clothes. I have no idea what that rack is really for, but I just decided to leave my sweater there on my way to get food in Bobs. after about an hour, the sweater was gone! I’m assuming someone took it, and hopefully appreciate it more than I do. This is just to say that the Street is another place you can donate your clothes, not for cash back, but for your sense of style to be appreciated by someone else on campus!


Happy recycling!

A second-year student at Colby! From Tokyo, Japan. Government major and English minor. Track and Field athlete at Colby. In my free time I love to figure skate, go on walks, watch cooking videos, eat granola, and cook!
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