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woman smiling in front of hedge
woman smiling in front of hedge
Original photo by Priscilla Wu

HC Colby Profile: Meet Priscilla Wu

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colby chapter.

Priscilla is one of our writers here at HC Colby! Outside of Her Campus, she is also an active member of the Colby Student Investment Association, Women in Economics and Finance Club, the Conscious College Project, and the SGA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.


What is your favorite… 

Dining hall? As a resident of Bobs, I must say Bobs brunch on the weekends never disappoints! 

Place at Colby? As weird as this might sound, I’d say the treadmills in the AC! I’ve always enjoyed running because I see it not only as a time for reflection but also a time for me to focus on myself and not worry about things that are on my mind. 

Thing to do at Colby? I love getting dinner with my friends after a long day of classes and doing work. I enjoy hearing about how their day went, laughing about the little things that happened, and relaxing a bit before going back to studying in the library. 

Movie? I’m not a big fan of movies, so I’ll share my favorite TV show – NBC’s This Is Us! If you’re thinking about what TV shows to watch now, you’d want to add This Is Us to your list. 

Song? It’s so hard for me to only choose one song as my favorite song, and it always changes from time to time. I’ll have to go with “To Build a Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra & Patrick Watson. Something about this song makes it very soothing, and I always feel different emotions when I listen to this song.  

Thing to do off-campus? Exploring different places in Maine! One of the main reasons I chose Colby was because of its close proximity to the outdoors. As someone who enjoys being outdoors and going to new places, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to spend four years in Maine and appreciate its beautiful scenery. 

What is your dream job? Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to live in the US someday. It’d definitely be a dream come true to work in a finance-related job in New York City after college.

What is your best Colby memory? Because of COVID travel restrictions, we were asked to stay in the state of Maine over fall break. We decided to stay at my friend’s house in Friendship, Maine for the weekend. We had a lot of fun spending time together, cheffing up some yummy meals, watching the sunset, and listening to music while lying on the dock.

Fun Fact! I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan! I haven’t gone home since I arrived at Colby, so I’m hoping that I get to go home soon because I miss the food and my friends and family. 

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Sydney is a senior at Colby originally from Wilmette, Illinois. She is a German Studies and English double major with a concentration in creative writing. On campus, Sydney is a COOT leader, member of Colby Dance Company, barista in the Mary Low Coffee House, a language assistant, and president of Colby's chapter of HC. When she isn't working, dancing, or writing, you can probably find her laughing at her own jokes or talking about the Midwest.