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Halloween Costume Ideas

Now that October is here we all have an excuse to start thinking about the perfect Halloween costume. So here are a couple ideas to get you thinking about a creative costume that will help you or your group of friends stand out. Some important things to keep in mind are that you will want to be comfortable and able to move around easily, but also make sure you have a costume that will last throughout the night. We suggest finding more than one to show off, and embracing the holiday for as long as possible! Remember, Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year!

  1. A famous celebrity – this category offers endless options. Simply scan a magazine or gossip website for a few minutes and you can definitely find a famous (or infamous?) person to dress up as. In this case we often find that the more ridiculous the person is, the better. You could also dress up as a famous cast or family with a group, or a current politician/important figure. Examples: Kardashian family (think dark hair and curve hugging clothes) or Angelina and Brad Pitt (think tank tops/jeans and LOTS of baby dolls)
  2. Athlete – Obviously the Olympics allow for a wide selection of athletes to dress up as – or just choose to represent an athlete from your favorite sports team. Examples: Makayla Maroney or the Fierce 5 (think leotards, leg warmers, and the infamous snarl)
  3. Fads/icon objects – You could choose to be an object that represents your home state or just re-visit a Halloween classic! For example, you could dress up as a lobster to represent Maine, or the statue of liberty or a taxi for New York. We all know the Halloween classics like witches and vampires, but try to think of something that hasn’t been over-done and keeps with the theme – like a bag of candy or spider web. You could also dress up to represent a recent fad or fad from your childhood – like old game pieces (deck of cards, Clue characters, etc.) or a past beloved toy character. Old characters are great ideas for groups too because they give you a wide range of options to choose from.
  4. Movie/story character – Choose a character from a recent movie to dress up as, or maybe one from an old classic. Also, thinking about favorite stories can help spark a lot of ideas, and of course there is always an array of Disney characters and popular heroes to dress up as. Examples: The Great Gatsby (think flapper dresses and headbands) or Grease (think poodle skirts, pink lady jackets, and leather)

Hopefully these general categories give you a good starting point for costume brainstorming – can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with this year, good luck!

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