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Gym Chronicles: Summer Styles to Inspire Your Workouts

Revealing summer styles can be intimidating, but here are 6 trends that will inspire your gym workout.

These short bright cut-offs may seem like too much attention in that area, but paired with a plain white top, like here, will be nothing but cute. Still not convinced? Make your butt, thighs, and quads burn with explosive jumps, stair running, and walking lunges and you’ll emanate confidence. J Brand @ Saks $158
Who said horizontal stripes were a bad thing? Indulge in this trend by picking a loose-fitting top with jagged stripes to create a flowy look rather than a boxy look. Crave an extra edge? Finish up with planks at the gym for 15 minutes, try my
favorite, the push up plank to increase your cardio and strengthen your abs. start on your elbows and walk up on your hands one arm at a time and then go back down to your elbows (low to high-plank) for 1 minute! Aqua @ Bloomingdales $58
Nothing says summer like white eyelet. This one-shoulder top is flirty without being too exposing and the ruffles enhance your neckline and arms. Want a little more tone? Don’t forget your pushups or tricep dips at the gym. Your triceps are what really make your arms look toned. Free People @ Bloomingdales $98

Neutral dresses are popping up everywhere. Own this look by opting for a dress with a short hemline and embroidery to be able to take this outfit from day to night. A tan is a necessity for this one so hit the beach for a run!
Candela @ Saks $270
Take advantage of the retro trend and trade your itsy bitsy bikini in for a high-waisted bottom and shaped top. Looking for a new way to get exercise? Let this inspire you to take an old-school dance class this summer! You’ll be sweating, toning, and perfecting your beach body. Diane von Furstenberg @ Saks $135
The halter neckline is a classic summer trend, but it also means a bare back. Don’t let that turn you off! Make sure to incorporate back rows with dumbbells, planks, and shoulder press in your workout to take this style to the next level. You wont be worrying about back bulge after those exercises. Diane von Furstenberg @ Saks $265

Still need a boost of confidence? Throw on a pair of neutral heels to elongate your legs, a statement necklace to stand out, and a couple swipes of mascara to open up your eyes.
What are your favorite summer trends and how will you confidently wear them?


Brett is a senior at Colby College. She is an international studies and anthropology double major, and spent her first semester of college in Dijon, France.  She enjoys writing, traveling, Gossip Girl, and Thai food. Already having interned at fashion designers and magazines, she is excited to contribute to Her Campus! She is also a certified personal trainer and loves working out.
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