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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colby chapter.

Colby is a funny place, and the following Instagram accounts capture all of campus’s most amusing moments. These accounts celebrate the downsides and drawbacks of living in Waterville, Maine and the ups and downs of hookup culture on campus. We may reside on a rural campus with a six month long winter, but hey! At least, we can laugh about it.


Folby Follege is a finsta dedicated to Colby. It defines the campus’ hookup culture and profiles cans on campus. In case you were wondering, third base IS acknowledging a past hookup with a no-teeth smile, and a dented Natty Ice can is truly just an Environmental Policy major (and managerial economics minor) who mansplains the plight of women. 


This account shows every bagel dinner, bowl of plain rice, and greasy slice of pizza that every Colby student has shamefully eaten. It captures the baked goods that made you think: why would Dana make this? (ie. pineapple muffins). Also, if you give this account a follow, you may even get some good dinner ideas, such as “mashed potato bread.” It’s like avocado toast but different.


This satirical account breaks the news of what occurs on campus. It will inform you when the Canada Geese migrate, how Davis Connects finds students jobs at their parents’ companies, and how the underground frats are run by real life mole people.


This Instagram page articulates every complaint that you have ever had about Colby. It pictures Hillside’s unattractiveness, closed dining halls, and broken washing machines. This is the perfect account for when you are feeling angsty on campus.


Although this is not necessarily an account about Colby, I am giving it an honorable mention since it is run by a Colby student. This insta page honors the restaurant Jin Yuan in Waterville, Maine. Posts include: glistening piles of chicken and a song dedicated to the restaurant itself. This account will make you both laugh and want to go to Jin Yuan. 

These accounts will surely brighten your feed. Give them a follow.

Maddie Squire majors in English and minors in Cinema Studies at Colby College. She is from Rye, New York.