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Let’s face it: campus feels a little different these days. Masks and sanitizers are everywhere, some classes are remote, and our favorite dining halls are pretty much grab and go or limited seating. Luckily, there is a bright side to eating outdoors! Colby’s campus naturally offers plenty of pretty spots to sit, relax, and grab a bite with your friends. Here are a few of my favorites:


Johnson Pond

This one seems pretty obvious, but Johnson Pond offers plenty of seating options around the water, with lots of space to lay out a blanket or the option to choose a bench with a nice view. It’s been so beautiful out lately, and you can’t beat looking out into a sunny pond surrounded by greens and blues, eating takeout from whatever dining hall you choose. 

Miller Lawn

Miller is a great place to people-watch, and you get the added benefit of the view from the top of the lawn, as well as the Miller Tower staring down at you! Personally, I love spreading out here.

 New Outdoor Seating Spaces

If you haven’t noticed, Colby’s put up a bunch of new seating outside of our dorms and on some of the bigger lawns. These seats include colorful adirondack chairs, as well as some sets of tables to sit and hang out with your friends. Personally, I think it is a great way to encourage outdoor dining, and I’ve already taken advantage of it a few times within this first week!

Mary Low’s Outdoor Area

Another great outdoor seating area is right outside of Mary Low Coffeehouse. Also great for people-watching, these tables allow you to set up and get some work done as you eat, not to mention that they give you the option of buying some yummy coffee from right inside!

As the Maine weather starts to get chilly, it will be harder to eat outside and really take in how beautiful Colby’s campus can be. That’s why I totally recommend trying a picnic or eating outdoors at one of the places I mentioned--time is fleeting! I hope that one of these locations pops out to you, and you can enjoy a little outdoor dining experience as much as I have been. 

Natalie is a junior at Colby from Capitol Hill in Washington DC, but is currently abroad in Sweden! She is a Government major and an English minor here at Colby.
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