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8 ways to get in the holiday spirit while in the midst of final papers and exams

You have a 10 page paper due tomorrow and two club meetings tonight. An exam looms on Monday. You vaguely remember something called home and mom’s stuffing and eggnog… But it seems SO FAR AWAY. 

If you are like me you need some reminders that there is life after finals. And that life looks and smells a lot like the holidays!!


1.     Buy a Christmas candle. Preferably a balsam tree smelling candle, but if peppermint or sugar cookies or spices are more your style, that’s okay. And if candles aren’t allowed on campus, find a room scent or potpourri or some spicy pinecones for your dorm room (I found some at Walmart… just saying).

2.     Bake cookies. Preferably the Pillsbury shortbread cookies. Holiday themed. GREAT study snack. Grab a few friends, find an apartment or dorm kitchen. If they need convincing, remind them you can all study WHILE they are in the oven.

3.     Take #2, make it a cookie party. Better yet, start a cookie swap.  Plan an event. Invite more friends. Get some different cookies in the oven.

4.     Christmas lights. Everywhere. Maybe you already have some up, but more will not hurt you I promise. Beat the 4pm sunset seasonal-depression season and create some home hygge (noun. A Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment).

5.     Decorate your door. Find a branch from a balsam tree in the arb, put some song lyrics on your door, staple a cookie, or a pine cone… Your options are endless, but having something fun welcoming you home will lift your mood instantly.

6.     Buy an advent calendar! Begin a countdown for school ending or going home or Christmas or the new year. Get excited for something, anything. In case you forget, they have chocolate inside!

7.     Hot chocolate. With the mini marshmallows of course. Can’t stress this one enough! There is nothing like hot cocoa after a cold day on campus, and you can make this just about anywhere you can find hot water.

8.      Plan your gift giving! This holiday season instead of making a list of things you want to get, try making a list of things you want to give. It’s a fun study break and is a practice of selflessness that is important and mature.

Environmental Policy major and certified VSCO girl.
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