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5 Lifestyle Podcasts You Must Listen To

Over the last year, I have driven countless hours to visit my brother, who goes to boarding school in Connecticut, as well as my friends who go to college in the same state. From Waterville to Hartford is a four hour drive, and to get to my brother’s school is over 5 hours. One way! For one weekend, that’s a lot of driving! At first, I used to curate playlists with music to keep me occupied. However, after my third time driving down in the fall semester, I found myself incredibly bored. I used to listen to crime-junkie type podcasts in middle school and high school, but felt like I had outgrown them and wanted to listen to things that were a little more personal and related to my own life. One of my favorite YouTubers and Instagram influencers, Danielle Carolan (@daniellecarolan) started her own podcast with fellow YouTuber/influencer Brooke Miccio (@brookemicciio) so I decided to give it a listen and immediately fell in love. After listening to their podcast, I began to explore other lifestyle-type podcasts. Here are some of my favorites!

Gals on the Go

This was the first lifestyle podcast that I really got into. Danielle and Brooke are students at the University of Georgia, so they offer plenty of tips for staying motivated with schoolwork, fitness, making time for friends, etc. while maintaining a busy academic schedule. They also interview other Youtubers, students, and professionals. In one episode, they even offered advice for getting an internship! Their own personal anecdotes are hilarious, and every Wednesday I look forward to a new podcast from this awesome duo.


Girls Gotta Eat

This podcast is hosted by comedians Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltin and delves into relationship issues/ questions, body confidence, money management tips, astrology, and so much more. Geared towards millenial women, this hilarious podcast is one you can’t miss every Monday. Their jokes make me laugh the hardest and they offer clear, level-headed (yet unfiltered) advice for issues I sometimes struggle with.


Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz

Pretty Basic is hosted by Youtubers Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz. Their podcast offers a unique inside view of what it takes to be an influencer and all of the behind-the-scenes that goes on to produce content. However, they don’t always discuss their professional life, and often discuss their favorite products, adventures on dating apps, and their exercise regimens. They release new episodes every Wednesday.


The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and her husband Michael Bosstick. If you’re trying to learn about different careers, a new health regime, or just get a new perspective on something, this is the podcast for you. Nearly every episode features an interview with someone alluring, from pronounced dermatologists and nutritionists to even actors, actresses, and social media stars. The couple discusses a broad range of lifestyle topics while also discussing their own marriage, mental habits, physical health habits, etc. I always take away a quality piece of advice after each listen. They upload every few days and also provide hilarious completely raw and unfiltered takes.


Thick and Thin

Youtuber/Influencer and host Katy Bellotte is a recent Elon graduate and now lives in New York City and is working for L’Oreal Paris. She solos this podcast and talks about a wide range of lifestyle topics, such as love, hangovers, toxic friendships, and finding yourself as she explores her own identity in a new city. This podcast offers deep perspectives and often brings in unique historical context and anecdotes. She usually uploads once a week. If you’re looking for a more mellow podcast, Katy is your girl.


Next time you find yourself shuffling mindlessly through your music, try one of these podcasts instead!


Katie is a junior at Colby College majoring in Economics and Mathematical Sciences from Cape Elizabeth, ME
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