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You know what sucks worse than eating the last Pringle in the can? Midseason finales. Like what is even the point of going on a break? It’s not like they film the shows live. Do the writers/producers think it’s okay to cause temporary anxiety within the viewers? Well, IT IS NOT. I’m sick of midseason finales. 




As you all know, I watch Riverdale, and at this point the show has caused me to mentally break down more times than being a student at Coastal has. Like seriously *SPOILER ALERTS* how am I supposed to live with  the fact that Jughead is possibly dead? I say possibly because since the season finale of season 2, there have been flashforwards mentioning that Jughead Jones is dead, but in the future. Currently throughout the episodes he is alive, loving the hell out of Betty and his passion for writing. These flashforwards keeps progressing that one of the murderers, if there is one is somebody in town. The last episode insinuated that Betty might have committed it. And of course that’s also the episode they stopped on before going on a midseason finale. Uhm hello!?!?! The audacity. There are already 22 episodes in one season and they thought it was okay to stop on episode 9 for a month? I am just baffled and befuddled. 


The only other show that I watch is Nancy Drew  and this is also on a midseason finale. The last episode ended on Nancy’s dad being arrested for possibly committing a murder due to evidence SHE collected and at this point I don’t even know what to do with myself. Why does the universe hate me? I have about a week until I can go back to a sense of normalcy. Please check on your friends who are dealing with midseason finales. We’re not okay. 


Kira Lloyd

Coastal Carolina '20

Someone who is invested in living her life to the fullest. I'm all about positivity because I know I won't be here for a long time. I can make anyone laugh so that's a good thing. An English major with the heart of a journalist just trying to make it in this game called life.