What to Know About Fast Fashion

It is beyond easy to see a great deal on some cheap clothes and press order. However, have you ever thought of what occurs in the process of getting your clothes to you? Where the materials come from? Or who actually puts it together?

    First and foremost what is fast fashion? Fast fashion is is a business model that utilizes cheap materials and labor to turn out clothing at a rapid rate. Fast fashion often corresponds to issues including human trafficking, child labor, unsustainable practices, etc..

    When it comes to employees, one in six individual nationwide works in the garment industry with the majority not having any worker rights or protections, meaning they often work in dangerously unsanitary conditions. Additionally, 80% are female and only 2%  earn a liveable wage. 

    The issues don’t just stop at the workers, but seep into the materials used. To churn out the mass of clothes, polyester is often utilized as the main clothing material. Polyester and other synthetic fabrics have major negative environmental impacts. One reason for this being the microfibers in the synthetic fabric often seeps into waterways and is consumed by aquatic life which negatively reacts to it. 

Additionally, the more clothing that is produced, the more waste that is produced. This is especially dangerous in a field that prioritizes the mass production of cheap clothing with limited environmental considerations. 

The idea of Fast Fashion may look good as it gives you cute clothes for cheap, but before you press that order button takes a minute to educate yourself on why you should have second thoughts. 


Some companies to avoid

  • Shein

  • Nasty Gal

  • MIssguided

  • Boohoo

  • Forever 21

  • Fashion Nova

  • Victorias Secret

  • Pretty Little Thing


Where to shop

  • Local boutiques such as Butterflies Bullfrogs Boutique, Baby Liv Boutique, Style Me Boutique, and many more in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area

  •  Levi’s, Patagonia, Columbia, Athleta, etc.

  • A local thrift shop

  • Any other sustainable company, which can be found through a simple online google search!