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Recently I’ve been bragging that I’m going to see Florence and the Machine in September, and I have no plans on shutting up about it. I vowed to myself during the height of the pandemic that if and when they went on tour, I’d be at the barricade.

With the recent release of her now FOUR singles—“King”, “Heaven is Here”, “My Love”, and “Free”—Florence and the Machine is back. Dance Fever releases on Friday, the 13th, of May, and I think it will be their best album yet.

Welch is eight years sober, reminds me of a Victorian love letter, and has a house tour on YouTube that is my comfort video. She’s a time-traveling, Virgo witch in my heart.

Welch has a fan-run book club called Between Two Books, which I am one fan of over 130,000 fans on Instagram, although I never have time to read the books and just add them to my TBR. She also has her own book called Useless Magic which contains song lyrics, poetry, and little art pieces she’s made that I stumbled upon in the magical Shakespeare and Co. in Paris. Welch engaged so prominently with fans on Instagram during the pandemic by making a collective poem, sharing what she was reading, and other inspirations, all curated beautifully on her feed as well.

Welch is an advocate for queer and trans rights, and most recently, dedicated the music video for “Heaven is Here” to Ukrainians. The music video was filmed in Kyiv. 

Florence Welch’s main occupation is being a badass human being.

Some of my favorite Florence and the Machine songs by album:

  1. Dance Fever
    1. King
    2. Heaven is Here
    3. Free
  2. High as Hope
    1. South London Forever
    2. Big God
    3. Sky Full of Song
    4. No Choir
  3. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
    1. Ship to Wreck
    2. What Kind of Man
    3. Queen of Peace
    4. Long & Lost
    5. Hiding
    6. Which Witch
  4. Ceremonials
    1. Only If For A Night
    2. Shake It Out
    3. No Light, No Light
    4. All This And Heaven Too
    5. Bedroom Hymns
  5. Lungs
    1. Howl
    2. Drumming Song
    3. Cosmic Love
    4. My Boy Builds Coffins
Sage Short

Coastal Carolina '22

Sage Short is an undergraduate English student and research fellow at Coastal Carolina University. In her free time, she enjoys writing, reading, and listening to Florence and the Machine.
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