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Valentine’s Day during a pandemic is hard. A movie night is a safe and classic option to enjoy a night in with loved ones. Here are some movie night ideas for this Valentine’s Day.

1. Malcolm and Marie

This is a new movie about a filmmaker and his girlfriend where they struggle between love and hate in a fight after a movie premiere. You’ll appreciate your relationship so much more after watching their toxicity with each other, but their love runs deep.

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2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This is a comedy about a reporter writing an article on her experiment to see how quickly she can lose a man. The man she chose just so conveniently made a bet with his boss and colleagues to see if he could get the reporter to fall in love with him for him to be able to pursue a business project. This makes the relationship exciting and hilarious to watch.

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3. Someone Great

This is a great movie to watch with friends. It’s about a woman going through a break-up and having a great night out with her friends. She learns a lot about herself, the relationship, and the struggles of moving on. It has some genuinely hilarious and relatable moments.

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4. 10 Things I Hate About You

A bad boy is paid to date a girl so someone else can go out with the girl’s sister. Things get complicated when the guy realizes how amazing the girl is. It has many iconic scenes that tug at the heartstrings and hilarious moments also.

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5. Love Simon

Simon is LGBTQ+, and a blackmailer is threatening to tell everyone at his school. Simon struggles to deal with this situation as he tries to find the anonymous love he met online. Being LGBTQ+ is hard enough, but in high school, it can seem almost unmanageable with constant judgment and bullying. This is a romantic comedy that has you wondering who the online date is and how Simon will deal with the blackmailer.

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6. Love Jones

A poet and a photographer start seeing each other and struggle to define their relationship.

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7. Love & Basketball

A couple plays basketball throughout their relationship as they deal with life’s challenges.

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8. The LoveBirds

This is a hilarious movie about a couple who gets dragged into investigating a murder they were basically framed for.

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9. Poetic Justice

A woman who loses her boyfriend due to gun violence goes on a trip with a man who also knows pain.

Watch on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Showtime, Starz, or Vudu!

10. Silver Linings Playbook

This is a comedy-drama about a man with bipolar disorder who moves back in with his parents after staying in a psychiatric hospital for a while. He wants to get his wife back and meets a widow who offers to help him if he joins a dance competition with her. It a beautiful story of how they handle their personal situations and learn a lot from each other.

Watch on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, YouTube, Vudu, or Google Play!

Grace Thomas

Coastal Carolina '21

Grace Kelli Thomas is a senior Forensic Psychology major with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. She enjoys reading, painting, and helping others. Her goals in life are to be a counselor for at-risk youth or on a college campus and eventually a college professor. She also hopes to participate in activism and be an author.
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