Uh oh, I missed OK Day, What do I do?

When it comes to getting involved on campus, it seems easy. Just sign up for a bunch of interesting clubs at Organization Kickoff and wait for the emails. But what happens when you don’t make it to OK Day? Your class ran late and you needed to refuel before your next lecture so you visit CINO instead. I’m here to tell you that it is okay and that you can still sign up for different organizations. 

The week following organization kickoff, most clubs, honor societies, and sports hold informational meetings. They typically post information about these on social media, the main two are Facebook and Instagram. If you are anti-social media, coastal has a special site that every group on campus is required to have called Coastal Connections. On this site, you can search every organization on campus and view all of their planned events. Any meetings, fundraisers, or other events that they are running, even if it is with another organization.

If you are shy like me, chances are the thought of randomly showing up to a club meeting by yourself is unnerving. Everyone’s been there and knows how it is, believe me. Bring a friend with you, maybe they will want to join the organization as well. There is nothing wrong with the buddy system. Maybe have your roommate(s) pick an organization and you pick one. Attend all of the kickoff meetings, learn about the group, and decide which ones you want to join. There is no shame in attending a couple of meetings before deciding where you want to commit. 

If you feel like classes are too overwhelming this semester to fully commit to extracurriculars, try seeing what the campus has going on over the course of the semester. Getting involved with the annual Relay for Life or one of the other events on campus might be the perfect way to feel connected to Coastal but not lose focus on your studies. 

I hope you choose to get involved this semester. There are over one hundred different groups to join and all of them are waiting for you. Don’t be afraid to try something new this semester and check out what Coastal has to offer.