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Surviving The Fall 2021 Mercury Retrograde

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Finally, we’ve made it to the last Mercury retrograde of 2021. The homestretch! From September 27th, 2021 to October 18th, 2021 the third Mercury retrograde of 2021 will take place. Now take a deep breath and don’t panic. Take this time to pause and learn a little more about what we all fear so much. When Mercury goes into retrograde that means from earth’s view that Mercury appears as if it is so slow that it could even be going in a backward direction. Basically an optical illusion. Each Mercury retrograde is different but always centered around miscommunication, technological mishaps, traveling mishaps, and miscoordination. 

Here is why: 

Mercury was the quickest planet so it was named after the messenger god and because of that Mercury symbolizes communication and coordination while ruling technology. The astrology world interprets this physical optical illusion of reversal as a time of miscommunication and misfortune. 

Again…take a deep breath. This is what to expect for this specific Mercury Retrograde:

The fall 2021 Mercury retrograde starts and ends in the sign Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus is the planet of love and affection. That will mean influence on romance, love, one-on-one relationships. Also, consider any Libra’s you know and their astrological traits. 

So my advice for this mercury retrograde is:

  • Probably don’t reach out to your ex
  • Pick up some Rose Quartz and Moonstone
  • Be extra patient with your partner
  • Double check those texts or emails
  • Take your partner on a special date and focus on the love
  • Probably don’t make any large social life or love life decisions
  • Don’t revisit your past relationships that ended for a good reason
  • Pay yourself a little extra self love and focus on that one-on-one relationship
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