Ridiculous Sexy Halloween Costumes

So Halloween is at the end of the month and chances are you are just now thinking about what you are going to dress up as. I found some costumes for you that are head turners partially because they're sexy, but mostly because (let's be honest) they seem a bit ridiculous. Childhood memories turned into hot outfits is a trend I can't decide whether or not to get behind. However, I did the research and picked the best fits so you don't have to.


1. These costumes are kinda cute. If I had the confidence I might wear this to a Halloween Party. It is also one of the more conservative costumes that are considered “sexy”. I would totally wear this for a Girl’s Night Out in October.


2. If you like Spongebob Squarepants and are looking for a matching costume with your bestie, buy this. Guaranteed there is a Spongebob costume to match and if not you can always DIY a quick Spongebob costume.


3. When it comes to turning childhood shows into sexy costumes, this is probably one of the best executions. It isn't overly flashy but also shows some skin and you can tell what the costume is supposed to be. 


4. I have a problem with this costume for the sole reason that it doesn't have ruby slippers. The whole movie revolves around these ruby slippers so when the costume doesn't have them it is very disappointing. 


5. The Belle costume looks more like a Jasmine costume. When I think of a sexy version of a princess, typically I just imagine that its a short tutu styled dress similar to the Care Bears Costume. I just feel like that portrays princess more than this does. 


6. I think that trying to make Chuck-E-Cheese into a sexy Halloween costume was creative, but this isn't the best execution. Maybe make it more similar to the Cheshire Cat Costume and have it have fuzzy boots. 


7. So honestly, I have seen this costume in multiple Halloween Stores and am always confused as to why it doesn't come with a boa and a caterpillar. These are crucial details to the Cheshire Cat that are just as important as his goofy grin. These additions would make the costume more recognizable and theatrically accurate. 


If you want to buy any of these costumes or look at more ridiculous costumes you can check them out on yandy.com.