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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Coastal Carolina chapter.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified numerologist. Take the information in this article with a grain of salt. 

Numerology may sound like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo to some skeptics, and it’s often compared to astrology for its far-fetched ideologies. A lot of people choose to ignore numerology and astrology for their lack of scientific evidence. However, most do not know that numerology is actually the science of numbers and how they appear in our everyday lives. Each number has a unique meaning, and each combination of letters and numbers can answer questions about your life’s path. 

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Single-digit numbers, believe it or not, have individual personalities. Numbers 1-9 are the starting point in understanding numerology. 

The number 1, also known as the primal force, is associated with positivity and leadership. When someone tells you to make a wish as the clock strikes 11:11, it’s because the number 1 is known for new beginnings and creation. Wishes are an opportunity to start fresh and make a change, which is exactly what the number 1 wants to grant us. 

The number 2 is considered the all-knowing number, and it’s associated with balance in love and life. If you consistently see the number 2, know it is a message of peace and harmony. It’s a little reminder that everything is going to be alright. 

The numbers 3 and 4 are considered opposites because 3 is associated with being feminine, while 4 is considered a masculine number. Keep in mind, masculinity and femininity are social constructs, so these words as descriptors are following an outdated, stereotypical binary system. The number 3 is a sensitive and creative character, and seeing it can represent the importance of imagination and growth within the body and the mind. 3 is also a social number, and for many, it represents being surrounded by angels or divine beings. 

On the other hand, the number 4 is more masculine because it is associated with strength and security. People often describe 4 as being average and unremarkable, but for some, it can represent being close to a guardian angel. If you see the number 4 in your everyday life, it is a sign to keep moving forward and complete your goals. 

The number 5 has a lot of energy, and it can be considered androgynous for combining masculine and feminine qualities. 5 gets bored easily, so it needs constant movement in life. It represents a change that is currently happening or will happen in the near future, so if you see the number 5, be ready for big life changes. 

The most maternal number is 6 because it aims to care for and nurture others. Seeing the number 6 means you should have balance and harmony in family matters. This number can also represent a connection between your goals and your inner self, so seeing a 6 can be a reminder to stay true to yourself in following your aspirations. 

The number 7, also known as the seeker of truth, sees through illusions. 7 is known for its knowledge, and it wishes to spread its wisdom. If you see the number 7, remember that positive things are headed your way, as long as you make good choices. 

8 is the number most associated with money and careers. It’s often misunderstood for being materialistic because it focuses on power. However, the number 8 represents both a material success and an internal success. Seeing the number 8 can be a warning to find a balance between your personal life and work life in order to reach the highest level of success possible. 

Last but not least, 9 is a global number. It’s actually similar to a 6 because it’s also maternal and filled with love. However, it’s meaning goes further to represent compassion for all. 9 is a humanitarian, and it’s message is simple: you are not alone. The number 9 aims to encourage you to reach your greatest potential. 

You’re probably wondering what to do with this new information. I suggest being aware of your surroundings. As you check the time, make note of the numbers you consistently see. You can apply meaning to little coincidences like the time shown on a clock.  

Single-digit numbers are just the beginning of numerology. There’s your life path number, expression number, hidden passion number, and master numbers. Using your birthday or the letters of your full name, you can find these numbers and use their meanings to get a better understanding of your identity and your future.


Angelica Pizza

Coastal Carolina '21

Angelica is a student at Coastal Carolina University studying communication, journalism and women's and gender studies. She has a passion for writing and hopes to pursue a career as a writer or editor for a magazine.