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Need to Spice Up Your Dorm? We Got You.

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The number one thing that is on every freshman’s mind is how they will decorate their dorm. Whether it be creating a Pinterest board or Amazon wishlist, many teenagers look forward to making the space their own; dorm decor can represent who the student is personally. Depending on the individual’s interests and hobbies, some dorm rooms can look nerdy, girly, vintage, granola, trendy, etc. There is a sort of social pressure revolving around having an aesthetically pleasing dorm room since it is normal to have guests over. Regardless if the student decorates their room for themselves or other’s approval, it is an important part of college culture. 

Gracen: Pictured above is my freshman dorm. I had been thinking about dorm decor since the beginning of my senior year of high school. The unnecessary amount of pins saved to my Pinterest board helped me find the vibe I wanted to recreate in my own space. I’m a big fan of warm tones so I automatically knew I wanted that to be the color palette of the room. My string lights, salt lamp, and coffee table lamp (not pictured) were important for me to have because the ceiling lights are harsh and hospital-like. Over the summer while dorm shopping I didn’t necessarily buy my decor all at once. But I would just wait till I stumbled upon pieces that made me happy. Having an inviting, warm, happy space was my main objective when creating my first home away from home.

Our neighbors’ dorm has been decorated since the summer, considering that they are currently living with an RA. The RA made sure to decorate their living room area to create a welcoming vibe for their arrival. The simplistic boho decorations leave the space feeling like a cozy apartment rather than a drab dorm. The collage wall above the couch is a great use of the empty wall space. The large blank wall being decorated with various forms of art gives the room interest and life. The large patterned area rug provides the room with a homey feeling while covering the cold hardwood floors. Lastly, the storage cubes allow a spot to store and organize items but also adds dimension.

Madison: I was attempting to achieve a cozy feeling for my dorm the best that I could. I intended on using neutral colors with hints of pinks and greens, but I ended up making it a lot more colorful. Overall, I knew that I would have stressful days in college, so I wanted to make sure that I could find comfort in being in my room. 

At the beginning of the year, there was a week-long poster sale in the HTC Center; as you can tell by looking at my walls, I found a lot that I liked. I feel like I can express myself through these old-timey posters since they depict things that I am interested in. I have posters of musical artists hung up in my room, such as Asap Rocky, Tyler the Creator, Mac Miller, and The Rolling Stones. I also have movie posters hung up for A Clockwork Orange and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Through this wall decor, I can non-verbally express what music I listen to and what movies I like. 

Alongside my posters, I have also included busted vinyl records, nostalgic photos, and artwork to hang on my wall. All of these work together in a way to create a cool and vintage look to my dorm, which I feel summarizes my personality. 

Pictured below is our friend, Sean’s, dorm. Sean’s space is a super inviting room that showcases his and his roommates’ styles. He said, “I wanted to incorporate all of the different interests that I and my roommates had into one aesthetic. Me and Luke love crystals and Errett is very nature-oriented so I tried to find more earthy toned bedding and posters and decor.” For Sean’s decor, he went with an indie, spiritual, peaceful look. The tarot card tapestry, crystals, record player, and salt lamp showcase this. Sean also loves to read so he incorporated books into the surface area displays. Thrifting played a big role in finding decor for his dorm. Finding unique pieces at thrift stores can make any room feel more personable and one of a kind.

Sean Marsala, student at CCU.

Hopefully, after seeing these dorm rooms, it makes you feel proud of the way you decorated this year, or maybe even consider running to Target to grab a few things. Simple things such as Himalayan salt lamps, posters, crystals, cozy bedding, fairy lights, and random knick-knacks can spice up your area and add a touch of personalization. In the long run, it is hard to forget what your freshman dorm looks like, so it is worth it to make a homey space!

Madison Sharrock

Coastal Carolina '25

Hey there! I'm Madison Sharrock and I am a freshman here at Coastal Carolina University. I am a communication major with a focus on interactive journalism. I plan to go into the broadcast journalism field to become a news anchor one day.
Gracen Rison

Coastal Carolina '25

Hi! I'm Gracen and I'm a marketing major at CCU :)
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