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My New Obsession with the 16 Personalities

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Coastal Carolina chapter.

People have been excited about astrology for quite some time and for good reason. Most people now at least know what their zodiac sign is and an increasing number of people know the key characteristics that their zodiac sign represents and maybe even those of some of their friends. Bigger fans will have the app CoStar downloaded on their phone, keep up with their horoscope, follow an astrology page on Instagram, and maybe even learn the differing characteristics of all of the signs. 

In short, astrology is a lot of fun and offers many people guidance on their sense of self. Although large populations criticize the legitimacy of astrology’s claims, even non-believers are often still interested in their zodiac signs even if only for their use in meme culture. People are often stereotyped and picked on for their signs as Geminis are seen as “two-faced” while Cancers face attack for being “too emotional.” As astrology becomes increasingly popular through social media for its help with self-discovery and for humor and entertainment, there are other methods of self discovery in which you can find what group your personality fits into. These personality tests may be interesting for astrology fans such as myself, who are interested in the claims of astrology but hope to find something a bit more scientifically backed.

A personality test that I have recently become increasingly interested in is 16 Personalities based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. This personality test is much more interesting to me because it asks a large array of questions in order to best determine what personality you are based on your responses. It takes its time to get to know you with a test that lasts about 12 minutes asking you questions about yourself. The results work best if you are completely honest (even if you don’t like the answers) and try not to leave any questions neutral. 

After you finish the test is the most fun part. Its results show you your personality type, but it also shows you a summary based on it about your: strengths, weaknesses, romantic relationships, friendships, parenthood, career paths, and workplace habits. I loved reading the analysis of my personality type and it helped me to understand myself a bit more, as well as how I am perceived by others. I was shocked by how accurate my strengths and weaknesses were and I was excited to read about my career paths and parenthood–things I haven’t yet encountered so much in real life. 

I would encourage anyone to take the Myers Briggs Personality test and see if you are as excited about the results as I was. Hopefully it helps you understand who you are a bit more and gives you some appreciation for your talents and what you bring into the world. 

After taking the quiz, there is a plethora of online resources and videos to discover about the personality types that you may find interesting or useful. One of my favorite things based off of the 16 Personalities is the YouTube channel of Frank James. If you want to be informed more, or just entertained, his channel is one of my favorite places on the internet to do so. I hope you enjoy this time for yourself as much as I did!

Lily Bryant

Coastal Carolina '21

Lily Bryant is an English major at Coastal Carolina University with minors in Women's and Gender Studies and Marketing. In her free time she loves to read, write, sing, and do pretty much anything artsy. Her goals in life are to inspire others, create good change, and be a successful author. View her work here at Her Campus or on her personal blog at lilyabryant.com.